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how 2 tell- R they happy or just putting up this??

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i'm new here, hope you don't mind me just diving in- i have read some other threads and see that the people here are serious about their cats and seem to know quite a bit, too, so perhaps you can help me.

i am cat-sitting my sister's 15 year old cat Mickey. i have an almost 4 year old cat Kali- these two cats have met previously and kali spent time at Mickey's home on several occasions.

So, these two girls know each other, and Kali is very interested in being freinds with Mickey (or ANY cat! i rescued her from a home over run with cats) Mickey is more concerned with food, comfort and attention- from a human.

We (my sister and i) were most concerned that Mickey would be extrememly upset about leaving her home (i should also mention, her sight is failing) she had been in the same home all her life!
but, she came into my place and quickly staked out all the spots she wanted, hissing my cat away....
fortunatley my place is set up for the care and comfort of the cats more than anything else! there are at least 3 soft cat beds, a tall 3 tiered carpeted cat "tree" and all the soft furniture they could want, plus many windows to sit in and watch the birds less than inches away....hey, my daughter grew up and moved up, i have to nurture someone else, and kitty it is!

ANYWAY- sorry i got off track! Mickey has settled in far better than we could have hoped (there is a good reason she needs to be here BTW- we wouldn't put her thru this at her age if there weren't)
However, she has intimidated my cat a bit- Kali will make sure that Mickey is not nearby cuz sometimes if Mickey is started (prob cuz she can't see) she will automatically hiss- other wise she has stopped hissing at Kali, she seems to realize that Kali is not a threat to her at all.

it seems that Mickey is FINE! but i am not so sure about MY cat!!
Mickey finally played with her the other nite- which is what Kali has wanted so bad!!!
Kali doesn't seem to be distressed by Mickey's being here, i mean, she didn't lose her appetite or go and hide, she doesnt' cry, she continues to do most of what she did before, except that there are times when my attention is divided between the two....

How do you ask a cat, are you happy???

A year after i got Kali, i got a 5 mos old kitten. The two of them got along pretty well and played all the time, but the kitten had some habits that were difficult to deal with, so my daughter took her in as her cat (nice, cuz i get to see her still!)
Kali seemed to be happy to see Sita go, but lonely too- and wanted me to play with her, but would get frustrated because i could not play like a cat!!!

Maybe that is what i am sensing- mixed feelings?

i just hate to think of either one of them being unhappy.
Sorry to have gone on so long, i worry about my "kitties"
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Hi There and a very warm welcome to the best cat forum on the net. I haven't been a member long but I know that you will get the best advise and support from all the members here. They are the best group ever. Mind you some of them do need a strong coffee or two to get started. LOL.

*How do you ask a cat, are you happy??? * Well the only way I know if my cats are happy is when the purr and pad and generally look content. Usually you can see when they are not by tail flicking, noises then make and ears flattening to name a few. There are some very good internet sites on cat behaviour that may help you more with that. If you need some sites let me know.

I think that what is happening is an adjustment period where both kitties are trying to establish some grounding. Your kittie is wanting to play and have a good time the other is saying okay back off id I need some space, also she is trying to make it home as well so is trying to get her own spaces and doesn't wish your kittie to trespass if you know what I mean. I would make sure you own cat is not dipping out and give her heaps of attension untill the other settles in more. Then perhaps they will start to enjoy more play times. It's a bit like a kid going to a new school. Some kids accept them right away and others keep their distance until they get to know them better.

From the sounds of it your furbabies are starting to play so just give it more time and extra love for your own baby.

I hope this helps a bit. I am sure there is much better advise out there and I know the members won't let you down. Good luck and let me know how you go.
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Hi Bundylee,
and thanks!
i guess it is just one of those things- i feel a little insecure about it and wanted to talk it over with others.

gee, i spoil my kitties as much as i spoiled my daughter, i think- i mean, do they ALWAYS have to be happy??

i know my cat is entertained by having another cat in the house, and now that they will play together a bit, i am not as worried...

they give ME so much pleasure, i just want to feel like they are having as good a time as i am, you know??

anyway, today i got the Cat IQ book from the library (i'd seen it before) it is by E M Bard, and if you never seen it, the drawings in it are hilarious!! it is partly serious partly funny- but just for the heck of it i am gonna test the two kitties "IQ"- my sister keeps telling me how dumb her cat is, and i think she's wrong-
i already finished part one, and her cat scored higher(by 3 points) than mine
Now on to the performance section!!!
<see they really do keep me amused these furrballs!!>

Well, i do have to do something besides talk about and play with and think about the cats! :P

thanks for your reply, hope to see you around some more here!
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You are welcome!!! It's always nice to meet with someone that is as cat mad as I am. My Partner, Brother and friends just think I am weired so I come here to feel normal again LOL.

I haven't seen this book here in Australia so I'll have to keep an eye out for it. It sounds like fun. I'm wondering how you would be able to test them LOL.

I am sure that any kitties in your household would be very happy, loved and looked after so stress less and enjoy.

I know my cat's are happy for the most part but there are days where they are in a grumpy mood (especially Hayley) and there is not much I can do about it. Also if I am feeling sad they pick up on that and will sit and be sad with me. So really there are just like US!!!!

Look forward to seeing photos of your furbabies and hearing lot's more about you and them.
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