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She's so goofy!

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Luna has got to be the goofiest cat I've ever met. We're constantly laughing at stuff that she does. It may sound weird, but I think she has a great sense of humor.

I took out my hot curler the other day to do my hair, and Luna decided that the too small for her box was a BLAST to play in.

She fell asleep on my chest.

What?! I have no idea how I got up here! I swear!

She loves the new cat tree we got them, and I never thought they'd use this part of it, but Luna proved me wrong. I found her one day like this. She shoved her great big body into that itty bitty space, and she fell asleep.

Her other favorite part of the cat tree- the hangy tube. She's constantly upside down in it with her head facing the window, so she can look out. Forgive Nova, she looks kind of evil!
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She's got a sense of humour alright!! She looks gorgeous too... very pretty colouring. I love her!
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OMG. So cute! I can picture my goofy girl doing that too. LOL
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what a precious cats!!...
great picĀ“s clap: thank you for show us!!!
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She is so pretty! I have a few that are a total goof too!
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Good pics. But I had to admit, I thought you were talking about Nat when I read this title
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She's so pretty. I love the last pic.
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Adorable pics, glad they like their tree
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Makes me think I should invest in a cat tree! They seem to love it.
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what a gorgeous kittie, both of them, the one of her laying upside down looking out the window is just too cute she looks like such a great kittie, such adoarble photos
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