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fighting scratch

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Yet another query I'm afraid!!
My cat (a tom) had some fights the other day and came back with a nasty sore on his neck which is hard for him to clean. Will it heal ok or should I help by wiping it with water or anything?

Any advice?
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take him to the VET!...if you canĀ“t clean the injury......
is better with a VET and he can put antibiotics !
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I want to clean it for hm if that's what I should do, but I'm asking if i should and how I should clean it?
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Hi Hakakahn:

He needs to see his doctor right away -- suggest you make an appointment first thing Monday and get him right in. Cats can abscess easily (poison trapped below the skin, like a boil in a human being) and this can make them very sick. Sometimes they are able to clean wounds themselves, and sometimes we can help them in this successfully; but I wouldn't take chances. I'd let the vet see him and go from there. And I strongly, STRONGLY suggest keeping cats indoors only, for their own safety. Ask your vet about this, too, why don't you?
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Thanks for your help everyone. I took him to vets and he's fine. The bite was healing already, I didn't get charged thank goodness!!
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THAT IS GREAT NEWS THAT HE'S HEALED!!! And thank you for taking him to see his doctor. You did the right thing!
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wonderful news that he has healed up

Even though your kitty has healed up I will move this to the health forum
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If he is a tom, could you get him neutered? That would cut down enormously on the fighting behaviour, and save him being injured again? It would also help his general health and behaviour.
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I got him neutered when he was little. It's just the way tom's are surely. They still fight as far as I know!
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They don't normally fight nearly as often or as viciously when they are neutered. But yes, they will get into scrapes! Anyway, I am glad your boy is getting better.
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Fank u!
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