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Thanks ya bugger!!!!!!!!!

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Right back atcha, cobber! :tounge2: :tounge2: Oh yeah, Aveagoodweegend, mate!
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Too right!!! you too cobber, gonna crack open a few tinneys and have a barbie???? Get yer thongs and stubbies on and down a few on me mate.
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Yep mate, sounds good to me. I've been flat out like a lizard drinking so I'm looking forward to watching the footy on the telly.

Do you think they know what we are talking about? :paranoid2
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Most probably you think we have lost all credibility??? Do you think anyone will talk to us ever again???? Oh the pain of not having any friends...... Hmmmmmm I hear voices!!! Oh it's the T.V hehehehehe!!!!!!!!
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Mate, we are gonna get kicked off for being naughty!!! Are the voices telling you to do bad things to your Aussie mate???
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Yessssssss Yessssss it is telling me to be badddddddddd!!!! My preciousssssssss............
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You know, ladies, even us Americans watch the Crocodile Hunter, and we've seen Crocodile Dundee, and of course the Fosters commercials. That's all we need to know about Australia, right? LOL
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Heidi!! Yep!! Beer, men that wrestle big animals.... what else is there to know!!! :LOL: :LOL:
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I had to go back a ways to make sure this thread was about cat nicknames...

All my cats have the following nicknames - fuzzpaw, fuzzypants, kittenkins, baby cat, baby (fill in blank with real name)

By cat:

Goose is also known as goosen, goosentine (this will make more sense as you read lower), gosling, gozzle, goosiepaws

Clementine is AKA clem, clemmie, clemen, clemenshoes, clemenpaws, phlegmentine (when sneezing), kemmen, c-lemon, clemenhead

Winnie is AKA winnifred, winnietine, winfred, winniehead, winniekins, win, winnie the pooh, pooh, poohkins

Elsa is AKA elsakins, elsapoo, el zappo (sort of a mispronounciation of elsapoo), the baby, else

I have no idea why we decided to give all the cats a name that rhymed with Clementine, but the -kins comes from my nickname as a child to all my parents, aunts, uncles and older cousins, Juliekins. I'm 30 and my aunt still calls me that.
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I don't have allot of names for the kids...but lets see

Ruby is...the rube, boy, my big guy, ruby tues, and sweetie

Pesto...girl, my little lady, PEST OHHH, and luvie.
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What is footy????
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My guess, (and it's just a guess) would be football.
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willow gets called, wilfrid sometimes as well as, 'little scumbag', git and retard.
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I forgot to mention Furball, Flufftail (Faile has a big fluffy
fox-like tail), Fuzzypaws, Girly.
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Carla and Debbie, yep, footie is Australia Rules Football. Us Aussies have a bad habit of shortening words and adding ie on the end. Footie, Postie, Cardie, Barbie...
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Aussies have a bad habit of shortening words and adding ie on the end. Footie, Postie, Cardie, Barbie... Jeffie is cool then???

Jeff Gordon!
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Yes you could say that LOL.
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Heeheehaha Carla, absolutely!
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