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What nicknames do you have for your pet?

My little fur babe's actual name is, of course, Jedi, but his nicknames are as follows:

'Tle Boy (short for little boy)
'Tle Baby (short for little baby)
Cakes (as in babycakes)
Twisted Mister =)
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Well Kiki's real name is Kikimora and she has many nicknames.

Stupy (this is one of my husbands)

There are several more, but the first three are the three common ones!
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Lets see
Twig: piggle toes, tiggy toes, wubby, pooder, Titten tat, bitey cat, monsterand dubins
Rocket: rocket pocket, weenis, stinky a$$, drooly, crazy kitty
Isis: spooky, flippy, pitty kitty, Isis nicis, wussy, scardey cat
Luna: Luna tuna, looney, tuney, Una, whiney cat, looney loo, pitten kitten
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This is going to bee long!

Twinkles- Twinky, Tweaker.

Tigger- Tiggy,Schma,Tiggler.

Peppurr- Booda,Boo,Purr-Purr,Mister,Elvis.

Vader- Slim Vader,Zadoo,Zader, Slim Zady.

Mimi- Her name is to short for nicknames!

Hercules- Hurk,Hurky.

Mischief- Missy,Chi-Chi,Mischy.




Xena-Her name is to short for nicknames!

Hercules and Xena are called "The Trouble Makers!"
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Ah Geez!!!!!!!!!! you know I'm gonna have to pinch these names for the cat name thread don't you?
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Hm ok here we go:

Boddington = Bod, Tubby, Chunky Butt, Mummy's munchkin, Boddy

Merlot = Merle, Squirly Merle (cos he kinda moves like a squirral)

Monty = Monteeeeeee, Zooma, (his full pedigree name is Y2K Montyzooma),Ganglion and Freak

Shandy = Stumpy, Stumps, Small Fry

Ashley = Ash, Chubbsey, Grumpy old git (:laughing2 )

Truffle = Truffie, Truffle Snuffler, Truffs

Pip = Pipkin, Pipsqueak, Piiiiippy, Kinny, Squeak

We are yet to discover nicknames for the pups...
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Socks has so many nicknames, I suprised she knows her name. (Her real name is only used when she's in trouble, lmao).

Sockie Boo
Kie Boo
Bigglesworth (brother is huge Austin Powers fan!)

And a whole bunch of others that I can't think of, because it's 6:57AM. :tounge2:
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I already posted some of Ivo's nicknames in the names thread, but here it goes:

Shugie Bear
Buddha Kitty
Big Butt Kitty
Big Duppa Kitty (duppa (sp?) is polish for butt, my mom always used it)
Ivo Ivo Bo Bivo
Baby Girl

My favorite kitty nickname is the one my dad has for his cat, Pumpkin:
Furry Rat Face Stinky Kitty Butt
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Just to let you know all these names have now officially been added to the list. LOL.
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Opie: Opieman, Mr. Opie, Opes

Rowdy: Rowdygirl, Little Miss Rowdy, Squeaks, Rotten Kitty, Ornery

Ike: Ikey-Boy, Doofus, Goon, Burglar Alarm
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Trent: Bubba, Boo, Boo-bear, Whiney-butt, Snuggle-bear, Baby Boy, Bright Eyes (that started when he was very sick, and I would find him in his hiding spot to make him get out to drink and eat and say "There's my Bright Eyes!" and his eyes would actually light up. )

Ophelia: Baby Doll, Baby Girl, Little One, Little Girl, Precious (but don't call her Princess - she hates that!), Pretty, Pretty Girl
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Alf: Little Mate and his Sunday name is Alfredo

Veronica: Ronnie, Little One, Stop It!, and her Sunday name is Veronique.
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What a fun thread.

Spike - Spike-er-ooni, Spike-ums, Spikester, Little Furry Guy, Handsome, Boldie, The Baby, Mommy's Boy, Fur Baby, Little Guy, Putty Tat, Big Tough Guy, The King :tounge2:

I'm sure I missed some...

Ooh! I remembered one I forgot - Spike-potato!
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Lazlo: Lazbo, Laz-the-Spaz, spaz-man, Spazbo, kitty tat, gooshie

Sheldon: Shelly, Sheldonavitch, Shelbo, pookie, pookster, The Shelster, gooshieboo, the Purrrrrman, purrrster

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Oh - and the two of them together: Boyso!
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I call my kitty Psycho, or Pickle, she is 12 weeks old and she is completely mad, she is adorable though
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I forgot one of Rowdy's: Rowdydammit!
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Nicknames, I have many

Marbles: Marblely, Belly Girl, Marblely Marbles, Paper mate (she eats paper), beautiful, tubby girl, Putty Tat, and cutie pooh.

Trouble: Troublely, Troublely Trouble, skinny, little pooh, string bean, stinky little thing, Crazy, Putty Tat and of course cutie pooh.

More often I adress them together with things like: How are the Pooh's? Where are my little Pooh's? How are the girls? My pretty little girls....stuff like that .
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Hubby calls Merlin either Merlonsky or The Merlinator!
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Faile--Psycho kitty, Spazmo, Fyelly, Miss Kitty, Miss Thang

Molly--Moll, Mollcat, Miss Kitty

Both get called Honeypie, Punkin, Babycakes.

Dan sometimes call them Mibbies, or Mibstu. He made those up as cat nicknames.
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Honey Boy used to get called 'pencil-head'. He was the same breed as Coco and had a very slim head so Honey Boy became HB became HB pencils became pencil-head.

When I'm calling Milo for dinner, he gets a, "Wheresa Da Milooooo?"

Coco gets called all sorts of things, affectionalety, of course - Skinny, Bat Ears, Coco Chanel, My Baby Girl etc.

Popcorn gets called Poppy, Fluffy Bum, Whosacutie?

It's all so mushy!
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As you've probably guessed, Mr. FitzHerbert had to have some shorter names:
Mr. Fitz
Little Black Cat
Little Man
The Pudge
Mr. Nosey Parker

My bird Benny:
Sweet Pea
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Seeing as I don't even own a cat yet, I'd like to add the nicknames for my parents' dog, Teddy (whom I named, thank you very much):

Teddy (used the most)
Theodore (when he's in trouble with my mom)
Hellhound (when he's in trouble with my dad)

Nicknames I've given him:

Funky Monkey
Sh!t Stain (a term of endearment-really-he's a very dark chocolate brown...LOL)
Funky Winkerbean (my favorite; he seems to like it)

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Guess I had better put my nicknames down too seeing as I have been stealing everyone elses for the names list LOL.

Hayley gets called -
Hey You
Psycho Kitty
Ice Queen

Harry gets called -
No Nuts (for obvious reasons)
No Guts (again it speaks for itself)
Hazzy Wazzy ( I know it's sickening)

Amy gets called -

Big Tum (Shes preggers)
Scatty Cat

There is a few other names but I have chosen to leave them out as they are a bit rude :tounge2:
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What about us humans? What are your nicknames? I'm not a 'small' woman and us Aussies are known for being able to have a dig at ourselves. Someone came up with a nickname for me: Tiny Tania!
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Well the nicknames I have come up with so far for a couple of you sheilas are

Kimmy for kim34 and Bod Monster or Hammie killer for Reah so lets see hmmmmmm I'll have to think about it.

Mine are

Bundy (of course)
Les (Which I hate and tend to get violent when anyone calls me that)

These are the names Pete calls me

I call him
Lust Muffin
Crabby old man
And a few rudies :tounge2:

Still working on yours Tania.
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Oh right, thanks mate! I can't wait...NOT!!!:LOL: :LOL: Speaking of which, I'm brewing up something rather nice for your nickname...
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I forgot to say, isn't it funny how parents or carers etc use your full name when you're in big trouble? TANIA-ELLA WATERHOUSE, COME HERE!!! That's when you run!
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LOL so true TatCat I used to get Leslie-Anne!!!!!!!!!

now as for my name hmmmmmmmmmm I can't wait either!!!!!!

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It might not be printable, though.
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