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Really Sad News

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I just wanted to let you all know that Rene needs our prayers right now. She has to send her Sphynx (10 months old) Phoebe to the Bridge tomorrow (Wednesday). I can't see straight from crying so much, please excuse any typos. Anyway, Phoebe has a liver disease and there is nothing we can do to save her. She is having her regular vet come to the house tomorrow to help with the crossing. She really loves her vet and since her vet was off today, she decided to wait. Phoebe is not suffering at this time so one more day with Rene is going to make a huge difference since Rene and Clint want to spend one more night with her. Please say a prayer for Rene, her husband Clint, the rest of her cats and especially Phoebe. Thanks.


(Rene, please don't be mad for me posting this but I know it would have been hard for you to do so. Remember, I love you as a very special friend.)
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That is so sad. I really don't know what to say, except my prayers are with you Rene, Clint and Phoebe.
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I'm sure we will all be thinking about Rene, Clint and Phoebe tomorrow. I'm so sorry.
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My deepest sympathies go out to you, Clint and precious little Phoebe. Thats so young to have to face this, but I know that in her short time here she has been well loved and cared for. Though she crosses the bridge, know that she will always purrrrrr in your heart and she will walk that bridge coming from a loving home.
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My thoughts and prayers are with you,Clint, and your beloved Phobe, today, as you help her cross over to the bridge.
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Rene, my heart goes out to you! This must be very difficult for you. I can't imagine spending a day with my baby, knowing it's the last day tomorow
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Hi everyone,

I was at a loss for words when Rene called me and told me about Phoebe. I feel horrible. Phoebe is such a great cat too! I feel guilty that I am owned by the healthiest Sphynx of the whole group. MooShoo is the cousin to Phoebe, Chloe, Pixel and Pharoah. It's not fair! I offered Rene to take MooShoo but she said no that he "farted" too much. I laughed but knew she was only being kind. She said that one of these days she'll have another Sphynx.

I just spoke with Rene. The vet treating Phoebe is going to try and build up her immune system and see if there is anything else that can be done before they decide that they can't do anymore. Rene said that she couldn't just put her down and not be sure that EVERYTHING was done to help save her. If the vet finally feels that there are no more options, she'll let Rene know.

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Dear Rene;

I am so sorry to hear about Phoebe! My thoughts and prayers are with you in this difficult time.
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Dearest Rene,
I remember you being so close to me when I had to let Kadaffi cross over; I'll never forget your support.
I am so sad, but yet I am praying so much right now for Phoebe, you and Clint and you too Frannie...I know you're very close friends.
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My thoughts and prayers are with you, Clint and dear Phoebe. I hope with all my heart that your little friend can be made well again! But if that is not to be, know you've done all that can be done for her. It is very sad, that such a young person as Phoebe may have to leave so soon. We know you'll do what's best for her; and for that, you'll have Phoebe's everlasting gratitude and love.

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No Frannie, I am not mad at your for posting - you are right it would be too hard for me. Right now all your support, prayers and kind words has me crying again and I just stopped after three days of tears! I am not ready to begin posting a lot tonight, but wanted to thank you all for your support.

Phoebe is resting comfortably tonight - I will go and visit her tomorrow. I know that the chances of saving her are slim - but I had to try. We found out that Chloe (her sister) did not die of FIP but of this liver disease that is genetic - Phoebe's brother also died at a very young age. I love Phoebe so much and thought she was going to make it because she is almost a year old - but she started losing weight and losing her energy. I will do everything I can for her in these next few days - if God needs her more than I do than she will leave me early next week.

Forgive me if I do not spend a lot of time on the forums in the next few days - I do appreciate all of you - my wonderful friends and all the friends I haven't met.

Tiggytoes - you met my Phoebe at the cat show last month - her disease just came on her so fast I could not comprehend or accept.
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Rene....my heart just goes out to you and Phoebe...I will say a prayer....I am SO sorry.
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