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Now we have ringworm!

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A couple of weeks ago I noticed Ellie had a bald patch on her neck but since she had been fighting with Wellington I did not give it much thought, other than to look at it and see there was no bleeding. But I have developed an itchy patch on my neck and the doctor this morning gave me the glad news that it is ringworm! At least it is not melanoma, which was my initial paranoidal fear. So I have ointment and tablets, and I will have to treat all the animals. I have looked at some of the threads here on it, but rather than go OTC here, I will go to the vet on Monday. Just another thing to deal with.
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Oh, lovely. Can the ponies catch it, too? that it clears up quickly!
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Horses can get ringworm too... ick.

Sorry to hear you're stuck with that problem!!! I had no idea it could be transmitted to humans. What a pain in the neck (pun not really intended...).

I hope everyone heals quickly. Sending good vibes your way.
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Oh Jenny, Just what you didn't need now
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Oh, joy! Just what you needed, Jenny. Hope you've apprehended the thing early enough that it won't be a long haul getting done with it.
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Oh my, not exactly what you need. I understand that Ringworm is quite contagious so I hope no one else gets it. vibes that the meds will work and everyone will be clear of infection soon.
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that it will run its course quickly, Jenny. You don't supposed you could have gotten it from being close to Biscotte', do you?
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Jenny, you are being tested for something I'm certain. Goodness, your move to France has been fraught with troubles. Sending hugs and get better (all of you) soon vibes.
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poor you! i had ringworm recently...it's annoying.
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I have been thinking back over where it could have come from. Ellie has a bald patch on her neck that appeared about three weeks ago. I thought it was from fighting, as the cats are very stir-crazy from being inside. But now I suspect ringworm - they are all going to the vet tomorrow so I will find out then. That predates me touching Biscotte or having the long grooming sessions with Maisie in the clinic. But they will all have to be treated, and I dare not continue touching Biscotte or the ponies until it is sorted. I certainly can't bring Biscotte inside for the moment.
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Jenny...have you read up on how to clean the interior of everything?
Ringworm can be really tough to control.
If you do a search in health...
there is a lot of info about how to clean.
You and your tribe will be in my thoughts.
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I went through ringworm when I got Bakker. The vet diagnosed with a check of his hair!! That was my first and so far only experience with ringworm. My vet prescribed a terribly expensive antifungal liquid with a different dose for each cat 2/day for 4 weeks. That was loads of fun!!! Plus myself, Neil, my mom and my sister got ringworm too. We treated ours with a anti-fungal cream. I used bleach and water and cleaned the hard surfaces of the house and washed the blankets etc... I closed off a couple of the bedrooms too until it cleared up. I haven't had any problems since.
Good luck-hope its not ringworm!!
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Oh joy! I, too, know ringworm all too well. I've tried Ketoconazole, Fulvicin(Grisfulvin?), Conoftie cream, anti-fungal baths.... I really hope it clears up quickly for all of you!
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It is definitely ringworm - both my doctor and the vet have confirmed it. So far Ellie is the only cat with actual fur loss, on her neck and ear. I am so stupid - a couple of weeks ago when I noticed she had a bald patch, ringworm went through my mind, but I dismissed it because none of the cats have been out for four months. Anyway, I now have a special shampoo for the cats, that I have to use every three days for four weeks (putting off the evil moment by being on here!), cream and tablets for me, and we will see how we get on. And thanks about the cleaning tips - I have already started on that!
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I hope you realise that we will want lots of pictures of wet cats Good luck.
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You might want to consider Lamisil. I used it with Tammy-Timmy. She has never had a re-occurance.
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You are not stupid by ignoring it at first Jenny,
your mind probably went into unconscious denial.
No one wants to deal with ring worm.

From what I have learn about it,
you just have to keep after it until it is totally eradicated.
Lots of determined vibes are coming your way.
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The doctor gave me Lamisil and the vet said I could use it on Ellie, as she is hte only one with a bald patch so far. I took some pix today of all four of them, looking so miserable after their shampoo - I was told not to rub them dry so I just had to turn the heat right up and leave them to dry naturally. I will post when I have uploaded.
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Oh Jenny....I hated doing the baths evert 3 days! It just makes you want to when the kits look at you like "NOOOO!" every single time.

I noticed Damtia had hair loss once. She had had ringworm 2x already & it crossed my mind, but I dismissed it. Four weeks later I realized it was rigworm. Don't feelbad for not noticing it, I did th same thing.
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Boy oh boy have I been there...twice!! When I adopted my first cat, Scotty, he had it, but I didn't know until about a month after he was adopted. I, luckily, did not catch it then and it was pretty easy to take care of (he was on griselfulvin, spelling?).

Then when I adopted Oscar, a month later I noticed he had it too! This time, I was infected, as well as my DH (bf at the time).

Here is what I learned: Vacuum EVERYTHING that is fabric, and wash what you can. Then buy really cheap white sheets (so you can bleach them) and cover everything that the cats tend to lay on with them. If you have a cat tree with carpet or faux fleece, vacuum and lay cheap white towels. This will help you control the spread through the environment. Wash the sheets and towels at least twice a week in HOT water with bleach to kill the fungus.

I also learned that I caught it the second time because my immune system was weakened (I was recovering from a sinus infection). If you've been stressed, that could definitely be why!

Now, ringworm is just a fungus, even though it is annoying, it's not dangerous. It's like athlete's foot.

If you have any questions regarding what I've done or gone through, feel free to ask. I'm not an expert, but having been through the annoyance twice, I've learned a few tricks.
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Pix posted in Fur Pix Only thread. I have changed sheets, washed throws and cushion covers, and scrubbed surfaces this afternoon. Still some to do tomorrow though.
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I am so sorry that you are dealing with it. It is a tough illness to get over.I am still fighting it on the skin kids.The kits are better though and it's been a few months.
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I must admit Jenny, I love the "Punk Rock Wellington" siggy! I haven't been to fur pics yet, I'll have to go have a look. Poor kits. It is especially difficult not to dry them 100% & then leave them to air dry. They always look so pitiful & cold.
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Yes, it is an attempt to bring humour into a horrid situation. And thanks to Anakat. This morning I have found lesions on Wellington and Persil, so I have started them on the tablets the vet gave me for Ellie and I will have to go back for more as they won't last. And I have another patch too, just where I sit down! Can you imagine anything more embarrassing?
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My middle son had a spot right on his forehead and all his friends at school asked what happened to him.
For humans, I used the Lotrimin or Lamisil and it helped.If you get any in your hair though, you need to go to the Dr. to get some meds.Atleast that's what I was told.
Good luck and I am sending healing vibes that way.
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Oh Jenny,

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Thanks for hte flowers and suggestions! I have Lamisil and hte vet told me I could use it on the cats too, so Ihave put some on Wellington and Ellie so far. I am still busy washing rugs and sheets, but I don't know how long the spores can live off a host.
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The spores can, unfortunately, survive up to 2 years in the environment.
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Originally Posted by Sadie's Mom View Post
The spores can, unfortunately, survive up to 2 years in the environment.
Have been reading along here and well...yes...spores can survive for two + years...didn't want to send anyone into a tizzy.

I have had to battle ringworm many a time...my resident cats of 12, my fosters of too many to count and on myself...ALL of the time, the battle was won with Neem Oil and/or CS (colloidal silver).

Any good health food/vitamin store will carry both products and in my opinion, are the absolute best next to the paperclip
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