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Of all the cats...

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to get their head caught through the loop of a plastic bag, it had to be Lily - my shy girl!

I could hear them playing with a plastic bag (they lerrrve the things), and I thought "I should put them away before one of them gets stuck in it". So I turn the light for downstairs on, and Lily looks up at me with her head through a bag.


So I turned the lights off, and slowly went downstairs talking to her the whole time and as soon as I got close - she ran off. With plastic bag in tow.

So of course then, it's not just "oh crap, the people got close", it's HOLY *BLEEP* I have a loud crinkly thing chasing me!!!! The poor baby tore around the house knocking things over absolutely freaked out (while the other cats chased her thinking it was a great game , and me chasing them - in the nicky-noo I might add ), until she finally ran to her safe place behind the couch.

She must have wiggled out of the bag there, because when I pulled the couch off, she was separated from the bag.

And who said Friday nights at home weren't fun...
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thats funny and cute, kitties and plastic bags poor lilly tho!
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Awww! Poor kitty!

One morning I woke up to a rustling sound in my bedroom. I figured it was probably Abby licking one of the plastic bags in my closet like she does. But then I noticed that this sound was moving and it stopped on the right side of my bed. I peeked and saw Chynna sitting there but this time she didn't jump up like she usually did.

As I was drifting off to sleep I heard the rustling sound moving around again, and this time it stopped on the left side of the bed where I was laying. I looked over and saw Chynna sitting there.... and she was stuck in a white plastic bag. Her head was through one of the loops and one of her back legs was inside the bag, which explains why she couldn't jump up on the bed.

Of course when I reached over to try and untangle her she decided to mosey into the livingroom making me get out of bed. I managed to remove the bag with minimal fuss.

Her problem is that she doesn't just like to lay on top of the bags, but she smooshes them around so she can lay inside them!

If that had happened to Abby it probably would have been a similar outcome to your own. Abby is easily startled and if something rustling was following her and I was chasing after her, that would be just too much for her, LOL
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Funny Chynna!! Smudge loves to be in them as well, and attack them. If she got stuck, she'd think it was the coolest thing.
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Scratch, my shy guy, has been known to do the same thing. He'll get the handle of a paper bag stuck around his head and then dash off. Let me walk you through it: You'll see a black streak making a very loud distress "MEEP!" followed by a large brown paper bag that rattles loudly. At the end of all the ruckus you'll find the black streak making pathetic "meeps" behind the toilet. You can then remove the bag and scratch his head. He'll come out from behind it in about an hour.

We now cut off all the handles off paper bags. It's just better that way.
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Scooter will get inside the bag and wait for me to pick it up and carry him around. I carry him around for a few minutes, then he will split the bag with his claws and escape. Then he will look at me like "I got away from you!"
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Aw poor Lily Sounds like something the freak Trout would do to...
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That happened to Ferris once, and he was terrified, wound up under the bed in my roomie's room.

I was torn between feeling badly that he was so scared, and laughing my behind off at the sight of "Super-Ferris" flying through the house with a plastic bag for a cape.
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Yah I was really scared for my girl. But by the time I got upstairs I was giggling, which turned into full on laughing - the sight was pretty funny.
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OMG I am crying I was laughing so hard that poor baby. That poor little one we are all having a good laugh at her expense and yours too and I know you had to be laughing too after it was all done.
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Awwww Poor Lily, I bet her heart was beating a mile a minute
Too bad this wasn't all on video it would have been priceless
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poor lily
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aw poor girl!

peanuts did this once. i wasn't in the room but later was told that she was messing around with a Kohl's bag. from the next room, i suddenly hear this *THUD THUD THUD CLUNK CLUNK* and i was like oh my gosh what did the cat do? and ran into the room with just enough time to see her tearing up the stairs, stuck in a bag. she must have thought the bag was chasing her. poor baby. well she ran under the bed and it took me forever to coax her out.
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Poor sweetheart.

Cindy had a similar experience with a small paper shopping bag when she was little. Poor darling was chased all over the place, and hid behind the chesterfield for hours, while we looked everywhere for her. It wasn't until the next morning that Fawn showed us where she was, and she squirted out to where I could get at her and rescue her from the nasty bag.

Who knows where she found the bag, because I didn't even know there was one of this particular merchant in the house at the time. Nibs had a similar adventure, too, and we learned that paper shopping bags attack cats and chase them as far as the cat will run, and therefore must be kept where they can't see cats.
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a friend of mine bought her cat a new collar with a bell on it... and as soon as they fixed it on ir ran... stopped... ran... stopped. It had no idea what that noise following it was! He ran under the house and all afternoon they heard *tinkle tinkle* stop *tinkle tinkle* stop.

He's used to it now though.
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