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Perpetual purr?

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I know that cats are known to purr when they're frightened or ill, and not just when they're pleased-- but what about a cat who purrs for 90% of her waking life? What on earth might that be about?

Georgia has been this way since we adopted her, so it's not an indication that something might be amiss. But she's got this extremely loud purr (she's a very vocal cat, also), and it seems like it's *always* happening. Sometimes she'll be silent, but she'll start purring when she catches me looking at her. Georgia's purr is so loud that I can hear it across the room, so I can tell that often she's just purring to herself. She purrs when she's playing, she purrs when she's kneading, she purrs when she's looking out the window. Of course, she purrs when she's being pet-- but sometimes she gets overstimulated and gives a nip to let us know that she doesn't want to be touched any longer--> but she keeps on purring! She doesn't like being picked up very much, but she purrs through that experience as well!

In a case like this, can the purr be taken to mean anything at all??
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I can't help you, but that's really, really funny.
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your cat appears to purr more than mine and mine is a real motor home. sometimes its so loud you can hear her in the next room. the only time she stops is when she is fast asleep, when she is waiting to attack a toy, and when she uses the litter box.
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That sounds cute to me
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She sounds like a happy, purry cat! Jaffa spends a lot of his waking hours purring. When I get home from work he purrs as he's being petted then he continues to purr while he's eating his meal and for a while afterwards. He sometimes purrs when I look at him too.
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PJ purrs constantly. She's also a very vocal cat (I think it's because she's a tortie. She has to yell and get her way all the time!). She can be heard across a room, and you can see her neck vibrating from the purring, and you can feel it in her entire body.

I love it!
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