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Collar help please...

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Ok so one of the collars I ordered came in today. After inspecting it to see how it worked and what not. I decided to give it a try on Ping. At first he freaked a little tried to figure out how to get it off. But after around 20 mins he quit trying to get it off. But you could clearly tell he was quite unhappy with it on and for me putting it on him. He would just sit and not move. Every time I came near him he shied away from me. And then took off running. I took it off after 2 - 2 1/2 hours of this. I just could not see him so miserable.

Now my question how can I get him more used to wearing a collar? Is there a method or something that works best? Thanks.
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Is Ping an indoor cat only? If so, you don't really need a collar - in fact it's probably safer not to have a collar on them in case it gets caught on something which can choke them.

IMHO, having kitty microchipped is the best way to go. Both of ours have been microchipped.

If you are adamant about the collar, then just keep putting it on for a while each day and kitty will eventually get used to it. We had to do this with the harnesses when we were harness training ours.
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If he is an indoor cat, I would not put a collar on him.
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He is strictly indoors. But I do worry about if he gets out one day (gosh forbid) someone finding him and thinking he is a stray and keeping him or worse. Plus we live in a semi rural area (we live 12 miles outside a small city) and from what I have seen not many think of checking a cat for chips. So I adventuly would like to get him to the point where he will wear a collar with a small tag.
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it's sad but a lot of people don't know about microchips and i worry that whoever found my cats wouldn't check for one. I was talking to someone who had cats and they didn't even know about microchips.
I have collars on all of them and I just put Isis' back on tonight but I need to get her a name tag. She is chipped and so is Gabriel. The other 2 will be ..in time..

They do freak somewhat trying to figure out what you have done to them and it's normal for them to shy away because heaven forbid what you might do next!! But I bet by morning, he would have been fine. The one I had the most trouble was was Sephie. He got his jaw stuck a couple of times cause he was a kitten and the collar was too big, so i got a smaller one and no problem.

Orion freaked a little bit but soon forgot he had it on and went on his merry way.
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Try distracting him with a toy as soon as you've put the collar on. He should forget he's wearing it.
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I recently had to start collar training Dynah, due to the fact that she's hasn't been microchipped yet AND I feel safer with them having both as well.
With both of the cats, I've found that they dislike it for the first little while, but eventually get used to it. Dynah has been wearing hers now for 2 weeks and I just loosened hers last night. Sure, she still bites it occasionally, but I don't find it on the floor nearly as much as when she first started wearing it (from 4-5 times a day innitially to about once a week now). Chester doesn't even acknowledge his anymore, and chases me around the house mewing if I take it off.
I think that either method would work. Personally, I put it on, and stay consistant, but putting it on for longer and longer periods of time everyday should work too.
Don't worry, he wont hate you in the long run, and should be safer with it (especially if it's a break away) and they really do get tollerant of them very fast.
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