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How to break this habit??

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Hello to all you catlovers. I have 3 cats: 2 males (4yrs and 1.5 years old); and one female (6 years old). The older male and the female both go outside during the day and inside at night. The younger male - luckily, I have been able to keep him inside. They are all healthy (and all fixed) and well adjusted to eachother and our family life. Here's the problem...for months my husband has been getting up for work about 5 a.m. each morning..at which time he feeds the cats and lets the two outside cats out. He has recently changed his work hours and does not have to get up so early....but the cats are in this habit...if we are not up by 4:30ish to 5:30ish....the younger male cries at our bedroom door, scratches at the door, if we let him in the room...he does anything disruptive to get our attention - to get us out of bed. Meanwhile the other male is can be howling at the door to go out....by the way - there is a clean litter box available to all of them at all times. My question is -- how can we break them of this early morning habit????? Aside from this I have no complaints....they are loving adorable friendly cats....but they like routine....I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks in advance.
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I wish I knew cause we have the same issue! Hubby will still get up at those hours to feed them & then back to bed.
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I'd change the routine slowly. Bump the time up in increments of 20 minutes every 7-10 days. This week you get up at 5:00am and let them out. Next week at 5:20... and so on. It will take a few weeks to get them to a more reasonable hour, but they won't notice an abrupt change and will adapt to it better.
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