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Local animal abuser getting animals back

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A woman living in Bluffton, Indiana was convicted of neglect recently and will soon be getting 40 of her dogs back and will also be able to begin breeding them again. This lady runs a puppy mill and her animals lived in a horrible situation. This article doesn't do the horror of this situation justice, which has been going on for months, involving severe neglect and starvation. They removed several dead dogs from the property as well. What the heck is wrong with our justice system?
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It does state in the end that she will not get ANY of her animals back until conditions improve and she pays the $4,000 fine.

I'm sure that once she does all this, then she can have the 40 dogs and such back.

The thing that got me though was that her animal farm needed to be brought to light and then she got support from family and friends. Why couldn't she just ask in the first place????
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I am sure she will go back to her old ways. People like that rarely change.
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Oh gosh, I hope not! That is awful and if she does get them back, she will not learn!
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Until consumers prefer to consider the plight of puppies and kittens from these mills rather than opting for papered pets at a cheap price, these atrocities will continue Anyone here remember this thread: Those poor, beautiful himmie cats, huddled together in terror, living in deplorable conditions....
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