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Pru Needs Two Teeth Extractions

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Pru had her yearly today. The good news: she was such a good girl, they took off the red warning mark on her chart, the vet was very adamant that mark should be off. They put red marks on "problem" cat's charts.
The bad news: tartar and two teeth where the roots are exposed. She has a thin red line along the gum line. The vet said her gums are sensitive to plaque and it's not an emergency, but the exposed roots are porous and bacteria will collect. So she needs a cleaning and two extractions. This will be the third time in 14 months she's had anesthesia. First time was when we trapped her and brought her in, the second time she was spayed (the scar they saw the first time turned out to not be a spay scar, so she was spayed} and now this one.
I feel so bad. Pru is still very shy, she comes to be petted when we go to bed, she will only come near when we are horizontal. I can't get near her to clean her teeth and I've only trimmed her nails 3 times in the past year. She gets traumatized any time she is forced to do anything. They had to pull 4 teeth, they almost fell out, the first time she went in and she has a total of ten teeth gone. The vet said dental problems can be common for some ferals.
Any thoughts on cleaning teeth on her? It may traumatize her, but I don't want this happening every year. I love her so much and feel like I let her down.
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Hopefully Hissy or someone with more knowledge/experience will be along soon to give you some good advice.

I only want to say I'm sorry poor Pru has to go through all this. Sending hugs to you and Pru.

Also, if you could, would you kiss Sammy's little face for me?
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