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Need some help quick

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Brent and I just got a stray cat in our garage. Long story short, he's been coming around for a long time and has started to get really cuddly with us. Normally he looks really good, he's clean and dry. He showed up at our door tonight soaking wet. It's supposed to get super cold and icy here tonight, so we took him in. He is freaking out and now we don't know what to do. Can anyone lend any advice?
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Where do you have him? He needs his own space with water, food and a litter box. Leave him alone and only come in to feed, change box etc, make a routine and let him get used to you. You probably have him isolated from your other cats since you don't have his history. Are you planning to keep him?
We rescued Pru last year and this site saved my sanity. I'm sure TNR1 and the other mods will be on to give you even better advice. Stay calm and let him get used to his environment, keep the other cats away. He will not be happy being kept in, but don't let that scare you. You have a good heart to bring him in.
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If he is inside the house, just confine him in a room with some classical music playing low and get a cardboard box and fill it with soft rags. Flip the box on it's side leave food, water and litter pans available. Be sure he can't get out of the room and just leave him be. Ideally, for a wet stray cat straw is the preference. It dries them out and also insulates them against the cold.
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He is in the garage with food and water and a litter box. He does have a warm place to cuddle up and sleep in. I need to put some classical music in there for him. He is definitely separated from our girls for safety. As soon as we are able (or as soon as he's willing) we are going to take him to the vet and get him all taken care of. I'm just worried...can an outdoor cat ever become indoor only?
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My outside boy Will had a few freak outs...when I first crated him to take him to the vet...when we first started picking him up....went from a cuddle bug to the Tasmanian Devil....once he realized no one was going to hurt him, he calmed down.

I think your boy will settle in time....less noise and attention is better for now...the classical music is a great idea!
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Will doesn't want to be inside only, but he comes and goes, and no one tries to follow him outside. They seem to understand that he is allowed out, but they aren't. But they have all been inside only since birth, except Jazzy, who has been inside since about 10 weeks. She is too afraid of people to go near the door! LOL!
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Yes outdoor cats can acclimate to being inside. It just depends on the cat and who is working with it.
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Good job, Laura! Keep the little guy warm and fed, he'll be your friend forever.
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