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Prayers Please - My sister just had a miscarriage

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I just received a call from my mom letting me know my sister miscarried her baby earlier today. (For those who don't know my family lives on the other side of the country in Georgia.) She was only about 2 months along, but she's very upset nonetheless.

She was told not to have another baby after she had her last (she has two little girls, ages 9 and 4) because she had so many health problems then. Please just put my sister and her husband in your prayers. She could really use it right now. She has a doctor's appointment scheduled first thing Monday to see exactly what happened and if any further procedures need to be done.

Thanks guys.

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Sending prayers from Mississippi for your sister and her family, I am so sorry to hear that.
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I'm so very sorry to hear about this, Emily. Your sister will be in my prayers
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Sorry to hear this, too.
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I'm so sorry to hear this. Your sister and her family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Thanks. She just wanted this baby so badly. It's hard being at work and not able to call her and be there for her. I'm calling her just as soon as I get home though. Being this far from your family when they need you really stinks.
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Sending many prayers their way. I'm so sorry to hear this.
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Thats such a hard thing to go through. I wish many many lovey cheery vibes your sisters way.
I am going into my 2nd month of pregnancy and every night I pray to the good lord that he blesses me and my pickle giving us strength and health. Tonight when I say my prayers I will inculde one for your sister, and her health.
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My thoughts and prayers go out to your sister.
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I'm so sorry for the loss of the baby and everything your sister has had to
go through.
My condolences to her and your families loss of the little one
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I'm so so so sorry Emily........
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Ohh Emily I'm so sorry about this, I have had a miscarriage too and it's very hard to deal with, no matter how far along you are...She is in my prayers along with her family.
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I will keep your Sis in my thoughts and prayers. Im very sorry.
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I just spoke with her on the phone. She cried. I cried. But she's strong and feels that everything happens for a reason and that if God doesn't want her to have a baby right now, then that's just how its going to be. I know it will be tough for her for a while, but she has strong character, a great husband, and two great little girls.
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Oh I am so sorry for your sisters loss. How awful Sending many prayers for her and the family
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She, and her husband, and the whole family, are in my thoughts and prayers. What a sad place for her to be.

RIP little life.
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Emily, I'm so sorry she lost her little one.I too know that heartache.MANY prayers going her way.
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for your family Emily.
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Lots of prayers and vibes headed her way I am soo sorry this has happened. I can't begin to imagine how heartbreaking and devistating this must be for her. Maybe she'll take some comfort knowing that she has a lot of people praying for her((((((vibes)))))))
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and prayers to your sister as I know all to well how badly a miscarriage hurts.
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Oh dear I am so sorry. It sounds like Nature is telling her something, but that can be hard if you want another child. Good vibes coming.
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... oh no!...

I´m so sorry for you lost....tell her that she´s not alone,.....she should be strong too!

)))))))))))))))))))) ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
My prayer for her and for her family...
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