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Our Flowerhorn Pablo

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This is a pic of when we first got Pablo Spring of 04. He's in a 70 Gallon tank.

This is Pablo today. He's nearly doubled in size. We had to take the plants out, b/c he would dig them up, and drag them across the tank. He doesn't like anything in his tank except is bridge (his bedroom). He broke a heater today b/c he knocked against the tank so many times, and drags that around the tank too! That goldfish is the last of his dinner he hasn't finished.

Any other fish folks out there in cat world?
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That is some fish! Will it get any bigger?
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Unfortunately he will. We'll be on a "new tank" hunt before next year.
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I have many, MANY bettas

I love all 30 of them.

Pablo is lovely!!!!
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I have a pond with gold fish. I enjoy feeding them. That is one BIG fish!

Sounds like he has personality too!
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Originally Posted by Quill_luv View Post
I have many, MANY bettas

I love all 30 of them.
30?? Wow, hats off to you! I had 3 at once, and their were a lot to keep up with. Way more than any of our other tanks. I think it's b/c the bettas don't have water filters, so tank (or rather vase) changes were frequent. I bet they are beautiful!
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what a beauty ...

i have two tanks ( small) right now ,...
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Beautiful fish you got there
In answer to the fish lover question:

I have a 5-gallon tank with 22 swordtail fry... a 20-gallon with:
1 Rosy barb
1 common pleco
1 stingray pleco
2 albino barbs
2 tiger barbs
2 green barbs
3 female swordtails (orange)
1 female swordtail (neon)
and a 75-gallon with:
1 pictus catfish
1 common and 2 stingray plecos
5 clown loaches
2 yellow rainbow fish
1 marble angel fish
and 1 dwarf gourami

we had 3 more but due to casualties those are the current numbers...
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Sweet FH! He's a real beauty.

I also keep fish. I have a number of tanks up and running and keep the following fish:
Clown loaches
Yoyo loaches
Skunk loaches
Dwarf loaches (Botia sidthimunki)
Botia robusta (another loach)
Red-eye tetras
Snowball pleco
Glyptoperichthys joselimaianus (plec)
A few different Bristlenose plecos
Leopard Cactus pleco
Clown plecos
Snowball pleco
King Tiger pleco
One unidentified pleco
Blue & Gold gourami
Crowntail betta
Aspidora cats
Corydoras trilineatus
Corydoras Aeneus
Corydoras schwartzii
Neolamprolgus leleupi (Tanganyikan cichlid)
Syndonotis multipunctatus
Cherry barbs
Albino mollies
Gold Dust mollies
Silver mollies
Dalmation mollies
Blue Mickey Mouse platies
Orange Painted Moon platies (they aren't a dyed fish)
Green Painted Moon platies (they aren't a dyed fish)
Xenotoca eiseni (red-tailed Goodied)
Xenoophorus captivus (Green Goodied)

I think that's all of them. No wait, how could I forget about the new little bub I brought home last night? I also have a Oscar.
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Both of you have a large fish collection as well!

In addition to our Flower Horn, we also have a 90 gallon community tank that holds
1 albino pleco (HUGH)
2 regular pleco (one HUGE, one med)
1 rope fish
1 danya (sp?)
3 knives (2 regular, one clown)
1 peacock eel
1 HUGE Sanyou goldfish

We also have a 20 gal with 3 yellow african cichlids.

Our Albino pleco was originally in Pablo's tank. We thought it was big enough to handle Pablo, but we were wrong. We was injured within minutes, so we moved him to the community tank. We then tried a small pleco thinking he could hide from Pablo, but he disappeared within that day.
I'll see if I can get any pics up. They're most active during feeding time (100 guppies every couple days)
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Very cute fishy!
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He's very cute!
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