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When is a cat fully grown?

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At what stage is a cat considered fully grown, or at least close to their full size? Smudge is 5 1/2 months old now and still seems so small!!! We've had her since she was 3 weeks old, so that's partly why it seems she's been tiny forever...

I thought she would be close to full size by now, but she's a lot smaller than Stumpy and Lily still!

As well as that, her eyes are still very cloudy and have no definite colour - I've got no idea what colour they're going to be. She gets surgery on her eyelids on January 30th (they're doing cryosurgery to remove the fur that's touching her eyes), and I'm hoping once that's done her eyes will clear up, and we'll get to see her proper eye colour!

Should a cat have their proper eye colour by that age?

Edit: You can see in my sig, her eyes look very kitten blue and squinty.
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some cats are just small .... Zoey is nearly three and still growing
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Trout is 2 years old and only weighs 7 lbs...Some cats are just small
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Cats can be very tiny, it's true, but they can also keep growing for quite some time. When we adopted our cat, the shelter surmised that she was a year old. Within six months, she had almost doubled in size!
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Reeses is about 16/17 months now and she's tiny compared to even our friend's cat who is just a white domestic short hair. She only weighs about 7lbs. I posted a thread about if she was done growing and the consesus was that probably she was.
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Our girls are only 7lb as well, and Smudge is small compared to them!
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We got our Smudge at about 4 1/2 months, and he's gained 4 - 5 pounds in the months (4-5) since. Some breeds grow until the age of 4, and of course males are usually larger than females.

I'll bet her corneas are cloudy and that's why the eye color is muddy. It will be nice for her to get her surgery, huh?
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Depends on the background. I would say in general a cat is fully grown at about 1-2 yrs. Some larger breeds like maines or ragdolls might be closer to 2-3 yrs for fully maturity/size. Cats like siamese/oriental would be fully grown by 10-12 months.

Also the eye color should be about settled by 4-6 months. Tho it also depends on the background. Cats with gold/green eye color will change most of their lives depending on mood. If your cat has oriental/siamese in the background you might have a blue-green eye color that changes.
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i can't say that i know any scientific response, but i can say what i've noticed with my own cats. Bear i thought was done growing when she was the same size from about 8 months to 1.5 years but then after that she nearly doubled! I don't know why that happened though. Dante is now 6 months and is definately still growing, his eye colour is clear and has been for about 2-3 months. The vet told me that he will keep growing untill he is about 2 years old, which he said was because he from a larger breed of cat.
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