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Bob has diabetes...:(

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About a week ago I found out Bob has diabetes. He has been at the water bowl constantly, eating a ton, losing weight and filling the litterbox a LOT. I took him in to get his blood and urine tested, and sure enough, he's got it. He has to go on special food and insulin called Glargine twice a day. The good thing about all this, possibly, is that he may go into remission after about 2 months with this new insulin. I hope it works! He seems to already be drinking and urinating less, so that's a good sign!
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Lots of that the medication works well for Bob.
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Awww....poor Bob! I sure hope the meds work for him!
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It's good that you caught the diabetes early. I hope the medication works for Bob. Here's {{{feel better soon}}} vibes for Bob.
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I hope Bob continues to improve. Vibes on the way!
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poor Bob /// Good luck to both of you getting control of this
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Thanks everyone! He's doing really well so far. It's actually easier for me than I thought because I moved the others' food bowl to the kitchen table, and he can't jump on the kitchen table and all the others can, so he can't eat their food and he's on a meal plan now so they can't eat his. So I really lucked out that way! In another week I take him to see if the insulin is working.
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Your awareness about Bob's behavior probably saved him a lot of damage from high BS.
You are truly a good kitty Mommy.
How old is your boy?
Is he overweight?
My boy Dexter is big. I worry about him getting diabetes.
I'll be sending lots of healthy vibes Bob's way and watching for your updates.
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Thanks you!
He was a stray so I'm not sure how old he is, I've had him about 2 years now. I guess him to be around 8-10. Yes he came to me really large so he has been on a diet. He was up to 23 pounds at one point, and now he's down to 19. But he has a big frame too. I'd like to see him around 15 or 16 pounds, I think that would be about right for his frame. He seems in really good spirits and doesn't mind the shots at all. Well, it could be because he's eating when I give them..
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Awww Bob, sending lots of good vibes that he stays healthy!
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Originally Posted by menagerie mama View Post
He seems in really good spirits and doesn't mind the shots at all. Well, it could be because he's eating when I give them.. you like to eat sweetie pie?
He sounds like a wonderful kitty.
I'll watch for your updates and follow Bob's progress.
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Well Bob went in for his first glucose curve since the first insulin trial and he was still in the 300's so we upped his insulin to two units twice a day. He has lost a pound in 10 days and that's too fast so I have to make sure he gets enough food! I have to say it's nice that he's not eating the others' food anymore cuz I'm sure not going through as much as before with this hog! lol. He's down to 18 pounds, probably want to get another 2 off him before this is done. Slowly, though. Don't wanna mess the big guy up.
Two weeks and he gets another curve and see where he's at.
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Having treated 3 "sugarcats" over a period of six years, I wish you and Bob my continued best in the hopes his treatment is successful and that he feels better very, very soon.

I miss my little "sweeties" who are all now happily playing over the 'Bridge (but ALL from causes other than the diabetes!!).
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More positive vibes are on the way for Bob....
It sound like you are taking really good care of your boy.

Here is a hug for all "sugarcats"
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Best wishes to you both thru this....I hope all goes well for all of you :o)
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Fortunately cats can live with diabetes for a long time... A friend of mine has a cat who is FIV + and has diabetes. He is 17 years old....

It is great that you are trying to get him to lose that extra weight. That by itself is very helpful with diabetes. Not to mention possible artheritis down the road.

Not everyone is so in tune with how much there cats drink and urinate. So hats off to you. He is lucky to have such a watchful momma.
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My first kitty when I was a kid had diabetes. I remember my mom having to give her the insulin shots every day. She was a polydactyl too like Zoey. Sounds like you are taking excellent care of Bob.
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Sending more vibes for sweet Bob!
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I hope Bob can soon be done with the insulin shots!
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I hope Bob responds well and lives a long, happy life!
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I hope Bob responds well to the insulin and food and with the added weight loss he may be able to go back to a 'regular' diet and no insulin soon

I always hated giving Scully shots, he would just look at me with his big sad eyes, but I think they know it is for the best
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