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Inspirational message: The power of prayer

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I know that as close a group as we all are, most times when somebody is in trouble, there is little any of us can do but offer words of encouragement or prayer.

Thought I would pass on some data I learned in a workshop today as a result of a research project.

It seems there was a group of AIDS patients that were tracked for this study. In 1/3 of the group, people were praying for the recovery of the patients and the patients were aware of it. In the 2nd 1/3, people were praying for the patients, but they were NOT aware of it. In the 3rd 1/3 of the group, no prayers were being offered.

In both groups being prayed for, patients had a significant improvement in the condition of their health. Worth thinking about next time you think you can't help make a difference when someone needs you....

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From your lips to God's ears.......
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Oh thank you Deb25...I needed some inspiration tonight.
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There is power in prayer even for non-believers.
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Hissy, you are absolutely right! And Deb25, there was an even more scientific study done, run by the head of interventional clinical trials for Duke University no less. I wrote about it just a week or so ago.

I also thought the many members of TCS who participate in the "good vibes" and prayers for all in need would love to know that what we all know in our hearts has a basis in fact. It's really startling, and VERY impressive! I'd have to say, the results are better than I would've expected!!!

Here's the link with the information about the study:


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Deb, I agree totally. Not only does the patient get positive results, but the family knows that they have someone to hold them up when they have no strength left. After last week's horrible events, when we didn't know if our new grandbaby would live or die, I am assured again of the power of prayer. TCS became my personal prayer circle. The prayers and support my friends gave me will not be forgotten. I'm so grateful to God and all those who prayed with me.
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