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Meet McGillicuddy!

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This is McGillicuddy (he came with the name)! He's going to be my grandmother's companion. He is approximately 7 years old and has been in foster care for awhile. I'm holding on to him this week while I get him groomed and pick up all the supplies for my grandma's house. Sorry there's only the one picture (excuse the mess)....silly batteries died!

He's a big cuddly boy!! Who's going to love the undivided attention he'll get with my grandma!

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What a gorgeous fluffy boy!!!
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Oh he's beautiful!

And that name...McGillicuddy...I recognize that. That was Lucy's last name in that second show she used to have...not the one with Rickie and Ethel and Fred. The one where she was a secretary and worked for this mean ol' guy...or wait...that might have been HIS last name...ugh...the memory IS the first to go y'all....


Anyway...beautiful sweetie!

Hilda >^..^<
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He's beautiful, how nice of your grandma to adopt an older kitty
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I had no idea where the name came from! That's neat to know. My grandmother wanted an older, calmer, lap-kitty. And while Cuddy hasn't been on my lap yet, he follows me everywhere and would do anything for scritches!
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Gorgeous cat with a terrific name!!
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Haha...well here's a lil history on the Mrs. McGillicuddy I remembered...

Hilda >^..^<
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such a gorgeous fluffy boy
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What a beautiful boy. Glad he has such a wonderful forever home!!
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Aww, he lovely
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What a beautiful boy!
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Oh he is so beautiful! I would love to see more pics of him
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What a handsome middle-aged gentleman!

And I do love that name, "Mr. McGillicuddy"...too cute!
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Oh my!! Look at that gorgeous fluff!!
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I will definitely try and snag more pics of him after his grooming session. I just have to remember to pick up more batteries!

I think he's going to do great with the undivided attention of my grandma. He was crying all night last night for attention....which is probably why i'm now on my third cup of coffee!! LOL
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