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Prayer/Vibes For My Mom Please

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I got a call from my sister about an hour ago, mom passed out in the bathroom early this morning and is in the emergency room right now. I called the hospital and got to speak to my mom (she's waiting to be admitted) she said she thinks it's because she took Nyquil (she's had a cold). It's been a rough time for mom, she had a stroke earlier this year and now this. I know these board vibes work so please send some to my mom. I will be going to see her tomorrow. Thanks everyone
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{{{vibes}}} for your Mom. Try and stay calm in the meantime.
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Sending get well vibes to your mom. And serenity vibes to you to get you through this.
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I'm sorry to hear about this...I hope she's ok. Sending out good thoughts and prayers to y'all.

Hilda >^..^<
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Sending god vibes to your mom! I hope it isnt anything serious.
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Thanks for the prayers and vibes everyone, I will keep you posted.
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Prayers coming from this way also!!!
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Prayers headed your way for your mom.
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Prayers and vibes are benig sent out for your mom and your whole family.
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You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
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get well vibes & prayers coming your way. Keep us updated on your moms condition.
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Of course you can have some vibes! Hope its nothing serious.
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Sending lots of prayers and hoping for the best with your mom.
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I'm sorry
MANY vibes coming her way {{{ }}}
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Tons of vibes headed your way!! I hope everything turns out fine.
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Oh, how scary for you all. I hope everything goes well for your mom.
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Oh I am very sorry to hear about your mom. I am sending many vibes her way and hugs to you
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I hope she's OK. Sending prayers and vibes her way!
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Thanks everyone, for your prayers and vibes they mean alot to me. I am leaving in a little while to go see mom. Won't be able to post anything until Sunday night. Thanks again.
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Sendig good vibes and wishes for a soon recovery of her!

)))))))))))))))))))) ((((((((((((((((((((((((
Certainly she going to be in my prayers and thoughts!

Don´t give up!
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She will be in my prayers.
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I saw my mom over the weekend, saturday she looked and sounded good and strong, sunday she looked and sounded frail, I am very worried. She is having a CAT scan done today I have my fingers crossed. From what I saw yesterday it doesn't look like she will be home anytime soon. Please keep the prayers and vibes coming my mom really needs them. Thanks
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I am so sorry your going through this....this is so scary.... My nana had a stroke a few years back, and after that, everything makes you worry...."is she having another one?" sending get well thoughts & prayers for your mom....and a safe & speedy recovery
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Prayers for your Mom. Hope she is feeling better.
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Oh I was sorry to read about your mom, its a worrying time, and I know this will sound very cliched, but she is in the best place, where are the best things can be done for her.
Heres whizzing some strong healthy <<<<< vibes >>>>> to your mom, and some for you and some from my kits too
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Sending many prayers to you and your mom
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Sending warm wishes and vibes to your mother, yourself, and your family.
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