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Whats the weather like where everyone lives? Today its 7C but on Wednesday it says -24C. Thats a huge drop in less than a week.
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Its really warm here. It's in the 70's today and its suppose to be 79* tomorrow!
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Today is 3F (-16C). We hope to get up to 9F (-12C).
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My Weather Channel thingy says is 73 right now...but we're expecting some cold stuff over the weekend bringing us down into the 30s.

Um...I'd like to ask a favour as a newbie here...er rather...adult cat...hehe.
Could y'all post where you're from in your replies? I noticed that in the little info box on the right of our posts, its not always clear where some of us are from. So if its not too much trouble, it would be cool to see where everyone's from.....

Hilda >^..^<
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Here in Missouri its 17 degrees ice and its starting to snow. BURRRRR
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It's -11 here right now and was -24 when I woke up at 9:30 this morning. it was -32 last night when I went to bed and it will be -16 tonight. It's only supposed to be 12 above tomorrow. I hate winter. especially in Montana.
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No clue on the temp, it's nice and sunny right now, but we got 6 inches of snow overnight.
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sorry folks.....sun.....sun...oh and some more tomorrow
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