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Mia loves water!!!

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I don't know if any of y'all's kitties do this but every time someone turns on a water faucet in the house, Mia comes running!!! She jumps on the lavatory...the washing machine!!! She's the silliest lil' thing...

Once when I was cleaning out the tub, she had to come snoop around of course...

After a while I went on about my business, but the next time I saw her, she was soaking wet! I'm sure she fell into the tub! Wish I'd gotten a pic of that. A few minutes later, she was by the windows, drying herself and I guess was so embarassed at having fallen in the tub that she had to hide her face in shame while she slept...

I'm glad she didn't try THIS to dry herself off instead...

LOL! That happened on a particularly cold day last month. Since she loves hanging around me while I'm doing laundry, she discovered a warm place! Of course, I quickly scooped her outta there!

Silly Mia!

Hilda >^..^<

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ooooh I just wanna give her a big hug and a kiss! she is soooo sweet!
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She's so cute!

And yes Radar comes running when we turn on a tap, 1 kitten managing to sound like a herd of stampeding elephants. And we have to do the constant checking of the washing machine too, although he prefers to get in there when it's being unloaded and roll around in the wet clothes!
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hehe i remember my kirra doing the dryer thing lol, good thing they arent white and blend in
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Oooooh she is ADORABLE!!!!! What a sweetheart

Great photos!
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Awwwww! Very cute. Thanks for sharing!
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Oh She's a DOLL
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Isn't she gorgeous!!!!
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She's a cutie! My Lynx always has to supervise when I do the laundry. He has to make sure the water goes in correctly.
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she's cute!!! Sephie kept jumping in the dryer until he jumped in one day and it was still a little hot...i never saw him jump in and out so fast in my life. He never did it again.
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My Bob is the same way. I can't turn on the bathroom sink, start the bath water or do a load of laundry without him being right there.

She is a very pretty kitty
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Awww....she's so cute!!!

Our cats RUN at the sign of any water!
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Awww Mia is beautiful! And I love her name!
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OMG in the first couple of pics, I thought that was Trout!! That was weird

She is very adorable I love Torties!!
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the dryer was always my biggest fear when the cats were kittens. I always had to double check before I did a load of wet clothes to make sure they weren't in there!

My poor Fred jumped in a VERY hot bathtub once when he was a kitten. I still feel awful about it, though he wasn't hurt just shocked. He avoided the bathtub for quite awhile after that!

Cute photos! Love the first one. What a little well-wisher!
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Too Cute!!!!!!!!!
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