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getting braces at my age

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I took the plunge and got braces put on today. Yikes!! Now I am wondering what I got myself into! The problem was that I not a snaggletooth or anything like that. Most people (and dentists) would say, 'yeah your teeth aren't perfectly straight, but it's no big deal either'. Well it turned out to be a big deal because the misalignment caused my lower teeth to wear away the backs of my front upper teeth.
So anyway, my advice using hindsight is if you have a corporate comprehensive dental plan that includes orthodontics, get yourself an appointment and get yourself checked out, even if you think you don't need it. Problems with teeth are much easier to solve before they happen and a LOT nicer if you can just plain prevent them.
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oooooh, I had my braces on from the ages of 10 till almost 13 and I still remember it- good luck!

ETA: snaggletooth
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ETA (estimated time of arrival)
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Originally Posted by 2dogmom View Post
ETA (estimated time of arrival)
edited to add you saying snaggletooth made me laugh
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In my experience braces don't work to correct alignment issues. I had jack-o-lantern teeth but perfect alignment. Now I have small teeth squished together and an overbite that caused the dentist to grind down all four of my "pointy" teeth to flat nubs. Ugh, I hate dental work! And I just learned that braces can cause severe gum recession later on in life. My sister is just now learning she may have to have surgery to correct her receeding gums. Another reason for me to want to avoid the dentist?
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Oh great, thanks.
Seriously sorry to hear about that. I was just scared about wearing my teeth down to stubs.
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I had braces when i was in middle school. You are going to have fun with them.Not. I had so many problems. I broke so many brackets off. And I got my braces stuck in the carpet. Yep. The carpet. Don't be wrestling with anyone face down on the carpet and laugh. It could happen to you!!

Seriously plan to have soft food around for when you have yours tighted and all that good stuff.
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