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Your kitties' ''unusual'' toys...

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I just heard a strange noise and turned around to see Elora playing with one of her 'strange' but favourite things.

A Q-Tip!

Ay, this kitty! She loves 'em!!! We can hear her during the night...rummaging through our bathroom wastebasket...looking for ANY condition...

What are some of your kitties 'unusual' playthings?

Hilda >^..^<
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OH my girls play with bottle caps.. The love the tops off of the Coke Bottles.. or Beer bottle caps.. They'll go into the garbage just to get them..

They also like to play with my daughter's panties.. The silly things.. I'll put them in the hamper and then 10 minutes later there back out in the hallway with a cat carrying them around.. My daughter gets soo mad at them over it..

There favorite toy is when the hamster are in their ball.. They go nutzz trying to push the ball around with them in it..
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I got these ugly hair bands for christmas--and a lot of them. I was going to just chuck them when I thought maybe Jaden wants them. She loves them! She chases them around and loves it when one is snapped across the room. She's lost about 1/4 of them under the fridge and stove so far. They were from the dollar store, so I don't really care.

My mom's old cat always played with dental floss. She'd fish it out of the trash and bat it around. Sometimes Shadow would eat it, but it came out the other end okay. She was a weird cat, though, always eating holes in plastic bags and chewing on ribbon and ultrasuede. I'm suprised now that she never had a bowel obstruction. Interesting.
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A previous cat had a fascination with female hygiene products - new and used.
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Hair ties, milk rings and twist ties are always popular in my house. Wickett also loved anything cotton like balls or q-tips. In fact I've had to hide our trash so he doens't get them out of it.

Currently they love fighting over a banana box lined with newspaper.
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Ok now that's gross! LOL! I remember now that Elora also likes to play with feminine napkins...but please...unused! Sometimes we'll hear her tossing them around in the middle of the night as well. She also likes pony tail holders (keeps a variety of them in her food bowl) and bread twistees as well as the plastic part you rip off of the milk jug lid. Hmmm, I think that's about it.

Hilda >^..^<
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buttons LOVES cotton buds (q tips i think is the usa version) anything that rattles, little soft toys, he rolls around the floor with them killing them and biting them. anything that rolls, CORKS!!!! and obviously, cord chewing.
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Lucy likes to play with anything she can knock onto the floor. She doesn't chase them, just shoves them off and watches them fall.
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Both of my cats love tape. If Sho finds a box with tape on it he'll sit there and try to pull every piece of it off, usually getting it stuck to him in the process the little one Tomas, loves to chew on it. Sho also loves to play with (and kill) spiders but not other insects... beetles scare him
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Does kittly litter count?! I swear if I didn't call him away Wickett would spend hours playing in his box.
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Oh my husband just reminded me that I forgot the worst... Kittens playing with kitty poo
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Pixel likes 'balls' made of facial tissue. Java likes q-tips, new or used - she's not picky. Cable likes skittery things - bottle caps, milk rings, ice cubes...
Chip likes catnip & soft toys. i haven't found anything weird about his choices yet - other than the fact that every morning, i wake up to find all of the small stuffed cats in a pile on the bedroom floor. he rounds them up during the night & puts them all together...
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
every morning, i wake up to find all of the small stuffed cats in a pile on the bedroom floor. he rounds them up during the night & puts them all together...

Thaaaat's adorable!

Hilda >^..^<
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Bella's favorite weird thing to play with was those Hearts that come out for valentines the larger conversation hearts she would dig them out of the candy dish and fly around on the floor woth them then come back for a fresh one!

Severino LOVES wooden spoons and kitchen Tongs...we don't know why
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