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You guys are going to be tired of me...

Is it normal that the receptionnist needs to wait for the vet to call me with the results from a punction? Is it just so the vet can answer if I have questions or is usually bad news?...

It's all a little much, between the URI, unexplained coughing, her inner eyelids now showing and waiting for the vet to call me back with results of what her little bump is (while knowing they HAVE the results), it`s alot of emotion.

The excitement of having my new kitty home is well... a little tarnished, shall I say? I just want her to be better so I can enjoy her without worrying (which was the point of getting her! lol).

Please send us jingles that everything will fall back into place quickly.
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That is probably exactly why she's waiting for the vet to update you. Many vibes headed your way for you and your baby that all is well
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It's because the lab results are not written out like a description of what is wrong - loads of abbreviations and numbers. Your vet is able to interpret the results, explain to you what they mean, and answer any questions you may have with more expertise and in-depth understanding of the results than the receptionist/vet tech/nurse (not knocking vet techs/nurses at all btw, they are well qualified and do a difficult job well, but their qualifications and expertise is different than that of a vet)
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