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Poll Special diet for bladder stones

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My question is this, Is it always nessasary to put your cat on a special diet if they have previously developed bladder stones, and If so did it seem to help? I really need some input here from some people as I need to know if it is worth it, or if this could be a one time occurance
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It is possible for it to be a one time occurance, but cats with a history of having bladder stones are likely to develop them again. I'd talk with your vet about what Rx options you have. If you have any question about your options, then feel free to ask! IMO, it's not bad to put your kitty on a preventative food, or even an OTC food that will prevent future occurances.
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My cat benji has been on science diet c/d for about 2 years...before he went on he could only eat wet food and added water adn all he waneted to eat was dry. now he has a bowl down all day long and he is in heavan and has only had to go back once for urinary(he got stressed then got sick from that basically) the other thing is so far he has been allergic to every antibiotic hes been put on...he is ok a day or two but then will go extremely tired to point he doesn't move(not even to use litter box) or eat/drink
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Bumping up!
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I think you should specify if they are struvite and need an acidic diet and if it is a male cat.
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No its a female cat and she just went in for surgery today. SO not sure what type of stones it is as of yet. But my vet suggested feeding Royal Canin So, which treats BOTH types of stones.
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I think that Royal Canin SO is a decent Rx formula.
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Our cat Oreo has been on prescription food since having surgery for stones almost 3 years ago, and has not had any more problems since then. (We also started keeping him indoors all the time, so he couldn't get into other neighborhood cats' food.)

The vet switched him from Eukanuba ph-s (for struvite crystals & stones) to Royal Canin SO (to prevent both struvite and oxalate, which are more common in older cats) about a year or two ago because of his age. He's doing very well on the SO.

Good luck!
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Like everyone else, I'd have to put my vote in for Royal Canin Urinary SO. My struvite boy Pico has been on the canned and dry formulations for about 5 months now and loves it! Hill's S/D and C/D was another story altogether!
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can you get royal canin so at petsmart. what is the so for?
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No royal Canin so is rx only and can only be gotton at the vets. Its a urninary tract diet
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Originally Posted by ladybass0711 View Post
No royal Canin so is rx only and can only be gotton at the vets. Its a urninary tract diet
Amoung RX s Royal canin is a solid one ...
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LOL, I did some number crunching for fun and feeding 1/2 can per day + 1/2 cup dry Royal Canin Urinary SO works out to be slightly less than a dollar a day (less than a cup of coffee). Our other boy is on Nutro MAX cat and surprisingly, it only costs slightly less than the RX food! Moral of the story: RX food isn't "that" much more than a quality pet store brand. It was neat to see it in numbers since I think we all assume that RX food is really expensive.
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