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A 'poodle' skirt? I DON'T THINK SO!!!

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Howdie y'all...
A few years back, a co-worker of my hubby's invited us to her birthday party. It would be a 50's themed event and we had to dress the part. Well, the hubby's outfit was pretty easy, he opted for the Fonz look with jeans & a leather jacket. My outfit took a little more work. I wanted a poodle skirt and searched the resale shops & yard sales but had no luck in finding anything. Well, I love to sew and decided I had to make my own outfit. I found a pattern but coming up with a fabric I liked took some doing. I kept thinking of Rizzo's sexy red number with the black polka dots...from Grease! I just had to have red with black dots!!! Couldn't find it anywhere!!! Luckily, I had some sheets that no one was using at the time...you got it...red with black polka dots!...so I used them. Now, that might sound strange to some, but if there are any seamstresses here, y'all know what a friend we have in sheets! So anyway, long story short...I made the skirt...but there's no way I was putting a poodle on it!!!!

Hehehe...what's even cuter is that on the other side of the skirt there is a little black mousie!

Happy Friday everyone...
Hilda >^..^<
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That's adorable, Hilda! (And so are you! )

This summer I will be helping at a convention of daylily folk and the theme is the 1950s. I was just thinking if I wore what the daylily ladies of the 50s (and into the 60s wore), I'd be in a lavender flowered print dress with hat and hose and "sensible" shoes - and girdled from here to there. (I have a lot to girdle. )

Since that is not my style, I may have to find some other fashion to adopt.
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Daylily folk? That's something new to me...but being a gardener myself, I'm intrigued. Can you tell me a bit about it?

And thank you so much for the kind words

Hilda >^..^<
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There's more than just your "ditch" lily and little yellow Stella d'Oro out there.

Mom has been growing them for almost 50 years. The last couple of years we haven't done much do to illness and injury.

I have been tempted to do the skirt but with a big daylily instead of a poodle. But I don't look good in shorter skirts.
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That pic is very cute!!
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Years ago, I made myself a skirt, for a '50s show. MINE was purple, with a black cat on it. I even used green glue-one rhinestones, for the eyes and collar.
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That's hilarious! AND adorable!
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