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Unusually vocal kitty?

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Hi! Me and my fiancee have had Angel, 8-9 month-ish tortoiseshell, for about a month now, and she's lived up to her name in every aspect. I have one concern though, for the past few days, she's been making a "r-r-r-r-r" sound somewhere between a meow and a purr, almost constantly. She shows no signs of anything being wrong, and is very active and playful, constantly demanding attention, jumping in laps, and trying to get into things she's not supposed to. Just wondering if we should be worried, or just enjoy having a cat vocal enough to constantly let us know she's happy.

May just be over-worrying, but I've never heard a cat that vocal before.
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Funny you should mention, my new cat does this ALOT!!! I love it.

I think it's just happy "talk". Maybe Angel has just discovered her ability to produce that sound?

I don't think it's something to be worried about.
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Is she spayed? Cats in heat love to chirp a lot and they are very flirty with people.
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Mine is!
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That's great!
I am just thinking that this is relatively new and sudden behavior for Angel, so it's the first thing I think of.
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Nope, neither of our kitties are spayed. (Yet.) Fortunately, both are indoor cats. I had a sneaking suspicion that's what it was (The head on the ground and the butt in the air was the other hint... lol), but the fiance didn't believe me. We're saving up to take'em both to the vet soon, but until then, guess we'll just enjoy our resident loudmouth! Wonder if she'll still do it afterwards?
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I didn't meant to contradict you mermaid (sorry if it came off that way!). I just think it's funny Maki acts like she's in heat even thought she's spayed. She does the head butts with her bum in the air all the time too. Silly kitten.
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Angel shouldn't display that behavior after she's spayed. It goes on for quite a while though, so you better get yourself some earplugs! Cats can stay in heat for a while. Some are in heat for a few days, and some for a few weeks, it depends on the cat. Just don't let her go too long, where there's a will, there's a way, if you know what I mean.

Maki, it didn't even occur to me that you were contradicting me.
Seems like you just have a very friendly cat. She sounds like such a good girl.
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Hehehe, I don't mind the behaviour, just wanted to make sure it's normal. I think I'll miss it when she's spayed. It kinda reminds me of my ferrets "dooking" all the time when they played.
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Instead of making a new thread I'll post my similar situation here.

I just adopted a 4-month old female this week (I'm still trying to name her), and she's been meowing and crying an awful lot. She hasn't been spayed yet, and I know it's perfectly normal for cats to be quite vocal, but what's puzzling me is she sometimes meows when she's eating and drinking. She has two types of meows: the little quiet squeaky ones, and the big "mrrrrroooow" ones like as though she was in heat. She does the big mrrroooows a lot. She isn't in heat though... and when previous cats I've owned went into heat, they never cried while eating or drinking.

Does anyone know what would cause a cat to meow while eating/drinking? I'm going to bring her to the vet next week for boosters but I thought I'd ask here, too.

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