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Reintroducing our kittens...

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We have two 8 month old kittens. About 7 weeks ago one of them got injured and had to go through surgery. After this we had to keep them separated for that 7 weeks. Now Oz is all healed and yesterday we released him to join Ninja in the rest of the house. Ninja though was not too happy about this. He kept jumping on Oz's back, biting his back legs and biting his neck. At first I thought they were playing until I heard a lot of hissing and found some hair (Ninja's ) on the floor. To prevent any further injury to Oz (he's still not full form, but the vet said it would be alright now for them to get together) we have separated them again. They used to have such a good relationship before they got separated! Do you have any suggestions on how to get them back together?
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Oz smells differently to Ninja and cats identify by smell. You will have to re-introduce them as though they were new to each other. You could also put a dab of vanilla at the base of their tails and top of their heads so they smell the same which should also help with the introduction.

This is the reason that when either Bijou or Mika need to see the vet for their annual shots or exam, we take both of them even though only one will be actually seeing the vet. We are fortunate that our vet has no problem allowing all of us (2 cats and my daughter and I) in the examination room. There have been times when my hubby has been there too - it's crowded but comfortable for the fur-babies. Since they also both like the car they settle down immediately on the way home from the vet.
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