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Have never tried it, so I don't know if I would like it or not.
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Originally Posted by HopeHacker View Post
I enjoy flying. I'm actually a lot more scared of riding/driving on the freeway. You're much more likely to get killed on a freeway or highway than you are in a plane.

I don't like the feeling of the take off in a plane though, although strangely enough I love how it feels when you're landing. To me, it feels like a roller coaster ride.
Except I love the feeling of take-off even more than that of landing.
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Originally Posted by twstychik View Post
I LOVE flying. My dad has his private pilot's liscense so I've even been able to fly the plane myself. I think it's a thrill... even commercially as a passanger. But my favorite thing is being in a small plane doing a 45 degree bank or a stall! Talk about a rush!
Has he shown you a spin yet?
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I don't like flying. Just a 30 minute flight to Orlando scared me. I don't think I can fly for hours.
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Originally Posted by Jenny82 View Post
I hate flying. I get motion sickness even when I take dramamine. But it doesn't keep me from going anywhere because I love going places.
Originally Posted by LokisMum View Post
Hate it! I have to dope myself up with Gravol for two reasons - it makes you dopey so gives me the courage to even get on the plane, and I suffer badly from motion sickness, so if I didn't, well, I wouldn't want to be sitting near me! I have an extreme fear of heights!
I'm not afraid to fly (though flying into Newark last year on 9/11 did make me a little think).

But I hate because I can get so ill. When I flew into Ireland a couple years ago (when you were having those awful winds), we did the required landing in Shannon, I thought I was going to not make it into Dublin. I was dry heaving. Now DH wants to go to Germany. I really don't know what I'm going to do.

I also don't sleep on the plane so trans-Atlantic flights wipe me out.
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I don't like it and haven't been on a plane since 911, but I didn't fly much before then either. Last year we drove to DC then took the auto train to Orlando. And a couple of years before that we drove to the Outer Banks--very long ride. (AFter listening to my children on that trip, I said I'd rather fly and crash than endure this again, but I still haven't done it (fly, I mean, not crash)
My 13 year old son is actually going on his first flight in a couple of weeks. They have a class trip to DC. He seems pretty calm about it although he asked if he could pack a parachute in his carry on. I was pretty calm about it too until my DH got that movie about the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania with the terrorists.

I know its safer than driving, especially with the crazy drivers around here, but I just have a hard time with it.
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I like the little Cessnas. They are fun. I got totake flying lessons las spring. Unfortunately it was only 2 hours. I love flying. So much to remember though. I dont know how people do it. Lol. I would love to get license to fly one day. As for big commercial planes, I get kinda worried. You are packed in with so many other people, and can't really see much. I hate the small windows.
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I HATE flying.....I've flown 10+ times and it never gets any better. I'd much rather take a train (and enjoy the scenic route) or go by car. However if it's an extremly long train/car ride....flying is usually faster so i'd normally just suck it up and fly. I hate the layovers, the searches, and all of the other nonsense that goes along with flying though. I also just don't feel safe flying. I avoid it at all costs.
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I'm not so crazy about it. My ears hurt when we just change elevations in the car. After the flights from our cruise last Feb, they hurt for weeks!
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