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will my kitten adjust to a new one?

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Hey Everyone.

My friend had a 3 month old little kitten. He's so affectionate and friendly but gets lonely when she is out in the day...she wants to get him a little playmate....is he still young enough to adjust? I said I thought so, but would just check.........

Thanks for your help.
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Should be fine, Mister was 6 months when 4 month old Missy came along and they accepted each other just fine, sleeping in the same bed from the minute they met.
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Sure, most cats adjust in time. I think younger (under 8 months) adjust to a newcomer a lot faster then older. Unless you have a very outgoing older cat to start that is more accepting of any new pet.

At 3 months, your kitty is very much still a kitten. I'd get one about the same age, not too much older. Try to find one with a similar personality and energy level. They might hiss at each other for a day or two; keep them separate for a day and then let them together supervised. Do not interfer with some hissing - only if they are physically hurting each other.

Ling and Charlie are getting into more of a testing physical wrestling now - Ling (2 yrs old) is bigger then Charlie (4 months) right now, but Charlie will be bigger when full grown. He's testing the waters now and usually initiates the play battles. I only stop them if someone is meowing when being pinned down.

Oh and don't forget to trim ALL nails on both kittens before they are introduced

BTW is your kitten spayed/neutered? And will the new one be too?
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Absolutely! Although I say under 6 months... as close to the same age or younger......
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Our kitty is neutered....new one isn't. He's about 9 weeks apparently, so I will get him done when he's a bit bigger and a bit more settled.

They seem to be ok.....there was as a fair bit of hissing and back arching.....the little new kitten is very timid....(I rescued him from some people who just wanted to get rid of him)...he's quite skittish and runs away....also meows when he's on his own or can't see us....

our cat is very friendly and very affectionate.....he seems to want to play, and almost pounces the little one, but then chickens out and hisses.....the little one often runs up to him and then at the last minute freaks out.

No fighting though...is any of this a good sign...its only been 48 hours......I just so hope they get along........

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It sounds like you have a partnership in the making! This is excellent behavior between the two so quickly!
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The little bit of back-arching/hissing is instinctive in all age kittens/cats when meeting something/one new

He can be safely neutered at 3-4 months old - younger the better as he won't get another cat pregnant (they CAN breed at 5 months), he won't start spraying, and he will forget he's even a male - less aggressive
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They are getting along really well...and the new little kitten seems to just adore our little cat. He is still really afraid of us though? I don't know what to do...I'm just being calm and moving slowly around him and hoping that in time he won't run away everytime we move in his direction. any ideas on how to let him know not to be a afraid...I'd love to be able to give him a cuddle, but for now I am happy he has made friends with Robot (our little cat)
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Try sitting on the floor and letting the new kitten approach you instead of you going up to him. He'll probably be more comfortable if he can set the pace.
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