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Tuxedo Print Kitties

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When I adopted Little Stinker Man, I had never had a male cat, or a Tuexdo cat. When I took him to his first vet appointment, the Vet Tech asked me if he was very mischievous. I said that he was, and very outgoing. She said in her experience, she has found that Tuxedo Kitties are typically more mischievous then other domestic short hairs.

As Little Stinker Man has grown, he hasn't lost his mischievous behavior, but I always have what the vet tech said in the back of my mind.

My question to you all, have you noticed that Tux Kitties are more mischievous, or not, then other kitties prints?

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I think they're just about as mischevious as every other kitty out there All of mine are rotten
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buttons is terrible. he bites, scratches and attacks just about anything.
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Originally Posted by caterpillarpie View Post
buttons is terrible. he bites, scratches and attacks just about anything.
It makes me laugh every time I see Buttons collar.
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My Tux and Calico are much more mischievious than my tabby is and grey kitty was.

My Tux is also LOUD, OMG! And he has to be the center of your attention 100% of the time. He will basically corner me if I'm not sitting down, and force me to sit on the couch so that he can doze in my lap.
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Buddy, my big tuxedo boy, is as laid-back as they come. He's a big, fluffy couch potato, who can usually be found in the most comfortable spots. He's quite fond of beds and pillows.
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My tuxie girl is very very smart. She is cunning & calculating and manipulative....but not very mischievious....I mean, she figured out how to open the baby locks on my kitchen cabinet so she could sleep in my wok....but she didn't climb on top of my buffet and eat all of the jaw breakers & gumdrops off of the ginger bread house, that was Louie. I'd have to say he is more devilish than she is, more just into everything he's not supposed to be into... but she is curious big time, she just doesn't destroy anything, she's more cautious about it, maybe cause she was semi-feral?
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Bakker is devil boy all right. I was only going for 40 minutes for my walk and he acts like he hasn't seen me for day!!! When he wants lap time he comes walking over with that purpose in mind-you can see it on his face!!
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I really don't think print makes the personality, or certain prints act a certain way. Obviously, breeds make a difference in personality. Little Man is mischievous b/c he's just like that.

Tuxedo or not, he'd still be a Little Stinker!
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I thought that was Torties
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I don't think my Tuxedo cat is any MORE mischevious than other cats... She used to be very nippy but that was I think due to her previous owners and to her having had some very nasty mats on her back when we got her so when you touched her back (even when the mats were gone) she would try to bite you. Now she has learned that biting does not get her way and she's a lot better about it. She also has always been the most purry cat I've known, and prefers to sit on a person's chest/lap over any other surface (which was a problem when she was also bitey- she'd be purring and kneading you and you try to shift positions and nip!)

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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I thought that was Torties
Based on my Rowdy girl - it IS torties Rowdy's middle name is "Dammit!".
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I love the term tuxedo cat. I've never heard that before!
My tuxedo cat, Fred, is a very complex and neady cat. I wouldn't call him overly mischievious, but he certainly has to be involved in EVERYTHING I do. The worst is trying to paint a wall or a door frame. I tried to paint the stairs when he was a kitten. He tore off every piece of newspaper we taped down on each step. I gave up and haven't attempted since.
He seems to never sleep, except when I'm away at work or asleep in bed. He follows me everywhere. He is also very vocal.
He falls into a bad, grumpy mood quite often, especially if I'm not paying 100% attention to him, or a guest is over.
He pees on the bed and couch occaisionally to teach me a lesson (not sure for what...).
Despite all this, I love him to bits. I sometimes wonder if I payed too much attention to him when he was young and he's grown over-dependant on me.
My other cat, Nermal, is pretty normal in comparison. He's affectionate, but also enjoys playing on his own with his toys and sleeping in the basement so as not to be disturbed.
Maybe there is something to be said for Tuxedos.
I did have a Tuxedo cat when I was younger, however, who was the most mild-tempered cat ever. Not at all like Fred.
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Originally Posted by lionessrampant View Post
My Tux and Calico are much more mischievious than my tabby is and grey kitty was.
The Calico's are the most mischiecious and always getting into everything but Spook and all the other tux fosters that I have had have always been very loving; always wanting your attention.
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Mooch is pretty mischevious...but then she's afraid of the cat dancer, lets Noodles hog the lazer pointer, etc. She is more friendly and her name truly fits her. She's a talker too!
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I went to the vet today, and was asked the SAME question regarding Little Man's personality and being a tuxedo print. This was by the Dr this time, not the tech. She said that she's seen more mischevious behavior in Tux's than any other print.

I'm still of the theory, a kitty is a kitty, michevious or not, tux or other print
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Originally Posted by katl8e View Post
Based on my Rowdy girl - it IS torties Rowdy's middle name is "Dammit!".
Trouts middle name is ":censor::censor::censor::censor:!!!"....My reaction to her ill conceived plans of distruction
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no... my most mischievious cat is my tabby, Cable. my tuxie, Pixel, is a sedate & sweet kitty... of course, she's also 9 years old, so she's getting up there!
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