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GK, assuming I wanted to take the plunge (pun intended) into bathing one of my bengals. What would you or your expert recommend as a shampoo for a silver?
I might be willing to try it with Jack before his show. He really needs to be at his best for this next show.
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Says for White and Light color animals - Charlie's chocolate and it enhanced the color - it has NO bleach, or bluing in it, so you should be ok for your bengals. Ling's black/white and it didn't hurt her black color. Keno's a yellow lab - didn't hurt hers.

If you want, get some, test it on one of your non-showing brown bengals. I'm sure you will be impressed with more shine/silky feeling

On silvers, I'd use the same - white/silver should be the same thing. Or you could try the Nexxus Simply Silver - that is purple and really makes white glow, should work on silver.
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Kürşat sits in the bath tub till the washing is finished even purrs when I shampoo or scrub him lol. As he is an himalayan, he becomes so funny when he is wet with a skinny body and huge head. I will post a picture of him wet if I wont forget.

I used to wash him with only water but the last time I used Friskies shampoo, its looks fine.
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