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What's your favorite childhood

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Summer memory? I was thinking since its cold we could talk about summer and it would make us feel warmer. We were always going to the pond on the back of our farm and going swimming and we used to ride in the back of our dad's and our neighbors pick up to go swimming I remember one time falling off of the tailgate and was actually dragged cause some how another I grabbed the truck and held on but kept my feet going but that's not my favorite memory.

My favorite was one year we went with our neighbors, who helped dad raise us, to a family reunion and we swimmed all day and went out on a platoon boat ride and I met one of the neighbor's cousins and she and I became friends but I also remember that night I had such a bad sunburn but it was soo worth it. My neighbor's grandma was there and she treated us just like we was one of her grandkids we called her grandma even. And we had a huge cookout.
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It would have to be back when I was 4 years old and had an Easy Bake Oven. I used to make all kinds of little cakes for my Mom and Dad.
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When my dad brought us to McDonalds and we got to get McNuggets
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its summer here, probably lying under the pohutakawas at the beach and watching the yachts!
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Mine is spending the days with my Grandparents. Between poking in the gardens (but not touching the plants, just watering!), helping in the kitchen, messing around in Grandpa's woodworking shop, sewing with Grandma, watching the Price is Right while Gram and I had lunch, shopping trips, visiting older Great Aunts and Great Uncles, and my Great Grandma, I had a ball. I was very spoiled by thoes 2 and love every memory. Some of the best times were sitting on the covered patio during storms with Grandpa just being cozy and reading the comics while listening to the real oldie music on the radio.
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I can't wait until our house is done hopefully there will be enough warm weather that I can lay out on a hammock and relax and watch the sun go down and the stars.
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The time when we were living in Ottawa and my aunt and uncle and cousins from Brandon visited and we all went to Brittania Beach (with my aunt and cousins form Ottawa) for the day and then came back to our place for chili for supper! What a great time that was!
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I've got lots of good ones because my birthday is right slap-bang in the middle of summer - January 21. Almost always involves some kind of beachy water theme - except for the year that I had a Latin American fiesta-themed party and it got rained out...and I mean saturated

Summers in Australia are really awesome, but it gets super hot so you have to be careful, too.
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Mine is in the middle of summer too - but that's July here!
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