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AVI files?

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I need a bit of help

My parents got me about 10 DVD's that are AVI files for Christmas with an old TV show on it.

My DVD player is too old to play the files so I've been trying to use my computer.

They also gave me a link to a program called DiVX so I could play them.

Well I did all of that....the problem is...

There are 2 languages available. English and French and I can get the English to work but it only works until about half way through the show and then the sound (except for the music) stops? and it does this with all 10 discs.

Very strange...I don't know anything about these kinds of files and was wondering if anyone knows if this is a common thing with them or it could be my computer?
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You should be able to play them in Media player (newer versions) / Winamp etc - you may need to download a codec, but it will usually tell you which one you need.

The main codecs are here (and includes DivX)
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