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What is your favorite

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Type of restraunt food. Mine is Chinesse and Mexican and I also love pizza
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Im a big Pizza fan, Italian in general. Then probably East Indian or Thai....mmmmmm
need to go make dinner!
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seafood, mussels, crab calamari etc... mmmmmmm *dribbles*
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My Favorites are Maximilians (German food) and Chiophera (Thai food)
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Generally, I like Thai and Middle Eastern food. However, my favorite local ethnic restaurants are Cambodian, Turkish and Carribean.
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I have a variety. I can't pick just one favourite. I love:

East Indian
West Indian

I also love Italian but I'm lactose intolerant so it's not such a good place for me to eat.
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my living room or car,
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I LOVE trying out new foods and seeing how differnt cultures fix them- it's sooo much fun!!
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Chinese is my favorite and I do like some Mexican foods.
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My favorite is chinese food. I love it. I like beef and broccoli, chicken fried rice and egg rolls.
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I like Chinese, Thai and Mexican the best. But Mexican doesnt settle wel on my stumach any more.
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Mexican all the way
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I like GOOD Mexican, but Indian and Middle Eastern food are my favourite by far
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chinese! yum!
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Anything Italian!
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