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Please help me name her......

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Ok, I am a devoted cat lover but lately there has been a little boy in my life that I love very much (my grandson) that wants a puppy.
So, for my birthday this thursday my hubby is buying me a pug puppy.
I am supposed to pick her up saturday, but it may end up being sunday.
(surgery tomorrow for an ablastion(sp?)/dnc (sp?) so I don't know that I will be up for going to get her saturday.

Anyway, I desperately need help with a girls name for her.
Here is a pic or two of her.

not sure which one she is here.........

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All I'm coming up with is Sweet Pea. They are so darling.
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She will be here soon.
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Aw, she is so cute

How about Abby?
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I think Sweet Pea is so dang cute, and the puppy is just beautiful whatever you decide to name her. She is absolutely gorgous.
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I like Daisy and I like Sweet Pea and I also like Holly
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ok i asked hubby and a friend who was over and hubby says Sally and friend says Charlotte

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I thought of Sniffles. She's adorable!!
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I like Abby and Daisy. I also like the name Sadie for her.
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I think Sweet Pea would be a great name.
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Sweet Pea (or the Popeye variant; Sweepea)
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Dollie , Mollie, Lola, Trixy, Daisy, Allie
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That sure is a sweet puddle of pups! She looks like a Priscilla.
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Pee Ess: Good luck with your surgery!
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Yeah Sweet Pea is an awesome name.
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I really like the name Sweet Pea, I think it goes with her.
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Good luck with your surgeries! Don't forget to take your nail polish off.

As for names, what about Snowdrop - it's also known as the "January Flower" - and she is a sweet little thing.
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She's adorable! And all the names are soooo cute! All I can think of is ''Snubs''...

Good luck!

Hilda >^..^<
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Winnifred (Winnie) for short
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Hi, Patty! Great to hear from you.

Names? I need to think...
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not sure which one is her here but here's the litter of pugs.

btw....her name is Tinkerbell.
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Aww that's cute! Tinkerbell!
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I think Tinkerbell is very fitting.
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