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Possibly unemployed

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Grrrrrrr, so some of you read my previous post about the friend I babysit with. Well, she ended up getting fired after all. Which is fine, I guess, I mean the girl needs to take care of herself and she didn't show up to work 4 times in a week (of course, this is the only week ever that she's screwed up like that, but whatever. Cruel, cold world.)

So anyway, here I am, resolving conflicts, trying to do my job (and doing a darn good job, too) and they basically give me an ultimatum. Find one of your friends to step in, or we're firing you too and going with a full-time professional nanny. Well, this is sort of an unfair place to put me in. I'm not the one who screwed up. I'm not the one who knows exactly what you need. I'm not allowed to just post a flier and find a student who can do has to be someone I KNOW. Otherwise they'll use a service to find a professional nanny.

So, basically, the long and the short of it is this: I'm not aware of anyone who has availability on those days, because they're the days band and orchestra meet, which occupies 225 of the 300 music students in that time period. Not only that, but there's basically little to no hope of me finding a new ob since I built my schedule around this one, which has weird times (basically only leaving me available on Tuesday and Thursday after 3:30). If this were for next quarter (beginning in April), I'd have more hope, since people wouldn't already have their classes already committed.

So, I guess I just wanted to add to the chorus of crappy work experiences that's been going on around TCS and maybe get a vibe or two that I'll be able to feed myself and pay, you know, my utility bills and that one of my cats doesn't need major surgery before June when I can get a FT job at the shelter. Or, even better, vibes that I'll be able to keep this job, just until June, when I can drop it like a hot potato and snarl in anger at how selfish these people are.

I mean, their littlest daughter SOBBED for 20 minutes when she found out Cheryl had been laid off. The little girl loves us both SO MUCH and is SO UPSET about the whole thing. But they only have their best interests in mind and they don't want to have to do any work for it. Awful people.
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nasty - no advice - just vibes
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Lotsa vibes, Allie!
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That does suck! Sending some vibes your way {{{}}}!
Poor kid too.
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All I can offer is some vibes
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That's terrible! Hope you find something different quickly - they don't sound like the type of people anyone wants to work for, although I feel sorry for the children!
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Umm, why don't they just find a professional nanny who can work the days that you aren't working?

It seems to me that a professional nanny would cost way more than you are charging so they would be paying out way more money if they got someone in full time and let you go. It would be cheaper for them to keep you and go to a professional nanny service to find someone on the other days.

Besides, why is it your responsibility to find someone to fill in a position that was left vacant because they fired their other part time nanny? That should be their job to do, not yours.
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Sending money good Vibes!!!
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Oh I'm sorry - I'm sending many vibes to you, Allie!!
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and vibes to you; hopefully you can get this worked out. That's an unfair position to be put in.
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Sending good vibes your way
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Man, those vibes are good! I already have one girl from my class interested and it's only been 4 hours!

Hopefully this will work and I can keep this job basically until I find something better. I'm reminded of these peoples' true colors pretty often lately. Basically, this guy would squash 1,000 people if it meant making his life 1% more convenient. It's all business, no humanity or empathy. Pretty sad what some people are like, huh?

Thanks so much guys! Keep 'em coming...hopefully they'll like this girl and I can keep my job until June!
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Sending vibes and
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(((((more vibes!!!!))))))))
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