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Pulmonary Edema ....vibes needed

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My sister was admitted to the hospital yesterday and today was diagnosed with pulmonary edema. I looked it up and it sounds scary Is anyone familiar with this condition, any info and vibes would be greatly appreciated.

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Vibes for your sister Im sorry Im not familiar with pulmonary edema.
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I'm sorry to hear that Do they know the cause of it? Has this happened before?

I'm a nurse and have looked after many people with that condition. It can be caused by cardiac or noncardiac reasons. Treatment largely depends on the cause. They will give her medication to pee more in order to get rid of the extra fluid in the body. If the cauase is an infection they will give her IV antibiotics. If the cause is cardiac related, they will start her on appropriate heart medication and do test to find out what is wrong.

She's in the hospital being treated which is the best place for her right now.

I hope she feels better soon
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I'm sending lots and lots of vibes her way, Diane.
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Lots and lots of vibes going out to your sister, Diane! I hope she gets better soon! She's where she needs to be right now!
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Lots of Get well vibes to your sister and hugs to you
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Praying that everything will go well and she'll be much better soon.
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I'm sorry, but i am not knowledgable on that topic- but my heart and prayers are with your sister and you right now. / I think Natalie gave you some good information on the condition though
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Thanks for the info and prayers/vibes everyone.

I talked to my sister last night and she said it is only in in one lung, and there was so much fluid there that it basically collapsed that lung! They gave her a whole battery of tests yesterday and took some of the fluids out, which she said was highly painful!

They will also be checking the fluid to make sure there's no cancer there, but the doctor doesn't think there is because of the way it looks to the eye.
She did have congestive heart failure about 15 years ago when she got a staph infection that build up fluids around her heart. But they haven't said any of her heart tests were abnormal so far.

Thanks again everyone, I'll keep you updated.
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Sending super good vibes for your sis.
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Good vibes going your way.

I'm glad to hear that things are looking up at the moment.
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{{{vibes}}} for this to be resolved quickly and painlessly. Linda had some good info for you, sounds like the docs are on top of things too.
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Sending many vibes Stormy. I don't know anything about it, but sounds serious..I really hope your sister is okay and that is curable, or at least treatable
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saying a prayer for your sister
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Sorry I haven't updated this thread's been a bit hectic lately. My sister is still in the hospital for 2 weeks now, and the doctors can't figure out why she wound up with the Pulmonary Edema. They have tested her for almost everything including cancer and lupus and all of the results came back good, so it's a mystery. She might be released today but am not sure, she's had a drain in for the last 4 days or so and she still has fluid in her lungs. She has a lot of pain as well so hopefully when the drain is removed she won't be hurting so much.

Thanks for the vibes.
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I'm sending to your sister, Diane. It must be frightening not to know the cause.
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I'm continuing the good vibes Diane
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{{{{{Healing vibes}}}} for sis and for you!
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Oh my I am sorry, hopefully now she is in the rght place and they can get her treated

lots of mega healthy get well (((((( vibes )))))) whizzing over to your sister

and heres some for you and some from my kits
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