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I've had it.

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This is the fourth or fifth time this has happened with our cat since we adopted him at the end of the summer. Every once in awhile, we will wake up to the lovely aroma of cat feces smeared on the floor and/or carpet in several spots throughout the apartment. Not only this, but he will have poo stuck all over his rear end and the only way to get it out is to cut it out and then attempt to give him a bath to get rid of the smell. We've tried to keep him trimmed back there to prevent this from happening, but that hasn't worked.

He was given dewormer as a kitten, he's on Nutro kitten food and is in fairly good shape. If I wanted to clean feces off of the floor and carpet, I would have bought a dog. I'm sick of cleaning up after him and can't find a reason why this is happening.

Any ideas?
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Sounds like maybe he might be "scootin" to get the poo poo that is stuck on his backend off. Just a thought.
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Yeah, I know that much. I'm wondering why he's having problems going to the bathroom in the first place...
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is he long haired?
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Sounds like he needs fiber. My cat had "grease" back there until I started using a high fiber food, especially for indoor cats. Bulky poo is easier to pass.

Good luck---nothing's worse than smeared cat poo! Unless it's cat poo on the breath of your dog who is licking your face!!!!

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Yes, he's long-haired. That's why we've trimmed him back there a few times.
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What kind of food are you giving him? I feed mine Science Diet (the dry food) and occasionally give them "wet" food. I have noticed that when I give them the wet food they tend to sometimes have diahrea.

Also, you need to get your cat to the vet. Even though he was dewormed as a kitten, it's quite possible that he has contracted new worms or other parasites (not unusual at all) which would explain why he is rubbing his butt all over the place and which could be causing him to have terrible itchiness.

It could also be hairballs that is causing this. Hairballs form in their stomachs and they pass them through their stools. If the hairballs don't pass properly this could cause them to have trouble with their poops. Daily grooming helps to minimize this. Please keep in mind that cats are normally extremely clean animals and the poor thing is only trying to clean itself. He's not doing this on purpose.

The best thing would be to bring in him to vet to have him checked.

Hang in there. Waking up to that "lovely" aroma ain't no fun at all (know the feeling all too well). Also, if you can, get your hands on some Nature's Miracle. Works wonders!

Extreme Kitty Lover
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Yeah, I've been thinking of taking him into the vet recently. Ugh, I really can't afford this right now :P
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Originally Posted by HRP View Post
Yes, he's long-haired. That's why we've trimmed him back there a few times.
oh missed that in your first post..sorry!

I hope you get it sorted soon, i know it's no fun!
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Try fiber first of all. There are a few ways to get fiber, pumpkin for one, but many cats don't voluntarily eat it. I think there are fiber pills or additives you can get although I am not positive as to what exactly. A pet store, a big one like Pet Smart might have something.

Contine to keep the hairs clipped back there like you are.

How old is the cat? If he is over 9 months he really doesn't need kitten food anymore, but switching too fast could cause diarrhea. So go slow. Kitten food may be too rich or something for him.

He might need his anal glands expressed. If you came over I could do it for you, it's really easy. Have a vet show you if that is the case and then you can do it yourself to save money. Cats express them nautrally when they poo, if they don't the glands get blocked and irritated.

Last of all could be worms. I think you said he was dewormed though, but he might need another dose.

Tell us your city and state and we can find you some low cost clinics in the area that will be much cheaper then a regular vet.
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A probiotic may help if the problem is his poos are frequently soft. Worked for my cat who had soft poos
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He's roughly 6-8 months old. It's hard to tell because he was a stray for at least a month or two before he was found and taken into the MSPCA.

He always eats so fast, probably because he was so used to not having any food at all in his earlier months, and I think it may be causing stomach problems for him. *shrug* Who knows... I'll try to find some fiber for him next time I go to the pet store. Thanks, guys!
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my cat had the exact same problem, he is now 1 year old and we have not experienced this anymore. We figured it was the kitten food he was eating. At 6 months ( or atleast what we though was 6 months, he was a stray) we started him on adult cat food. And that solved all of his problems. I recommend giving it a try. Just dont switch his food all at once start mixing the adult food with the kitten food until you are out of kittne food then just give him straight adult.

I hope this helps, I know we were relieved when he stopped leaving trails around the house.
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Boy oh boy if this doesn't all sound familiar. I think I can beat that smear with a terrible leaking ooze!

I really don't mean to dismiss your problem because I know how frustrating it is. Just a couple nights ago I put my Boo in the playpen for the night because she had gotten into the wet cat food and or the Lactaid milk and was just leaking poo all over the house. I hated to cage her, but I just couldn't stand the thought of anymore deposits everywhere she paused.

Due to her sensitive tummy and incontinence issues I have decided to feed only dry in this house. She doesn't seem to be able to handle any wet food, no matter what the ingredients are. When she is eating only dry food there are no diarrhea issues.

You see, Boo is a Manx mix or maybe even full Manx. She went into the shelter as a stray so she can't be called that, but she has the no tail and shortened spine issues of many Manx cats. I was telling my mate that I'm glad we got her because many people may have returned her to the shelter or just put her out in the street with the issues she has and she surely doesn't deserve that.

I hope you can get the issue with your little guy cleared up. I sometimes repeat to myself when cleaning up the trails, She is just a sweet little girl and can't help it.
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