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That's wonderful news, Mark! Hang in there, Buddy-boy, you're doing great! Continuing the vibes and prayers for even more improvement!
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Originally Posted by markvg View Post
Little Buddy is doing very good! He is eating up a storm. He is going to the doctor on Monday to take his stitches out.

As long as he keeps on eating, and he is certainly doing that, all is well. I hydrate him with the feeding tube but have not had to use it for food.

It is amazing on how well he is doing. He is starting to do some of the stuff he used to do and getting a little more active each day.

I can't figure it out but except for his doctor's care and all your prayers and thoughts!

He still has all them tumors in him and he pretty much has lost his voice, but it is kind of like a miracle!

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad to hear that Mark, please give Buddy a hug from me.
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Well good news about Little Buddy. He is such a sweet fella, and such a loyal companion to you.
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