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I am waking up with hairballs

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I know this is nasty, but last night I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't figure out what was next to me..... a hairball.... nasty nasty... What can I do for my cat... she gives me no warning when one is coming (last month she jumped on my lap and let one go on my chest)... I have her on IAMs dry food for hair ball treatment and she get a 1/2 can of fancy feast at night... I've tried that tuna flavor thing from the vet, but she won't take it.
Help... my next move is to put her own room at night.. which I hate to do cause she is such a cuddler...
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Aww, the poor baby is just coming to you cause she feels bad. How much does your kitty shed? My cat shed a lot on Iams. If you can control the shedding with a quality food and grooming it will help a lot with the hairball problem.
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I just started her on iam and she really doesn't shed that much. SHe has black hair and I really don't see much of it... Maybe I'll start bruching her nightly and maybe wipe her down with a damp cloth. When the hairball comes up it has food it it... is that right?
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There will probably be food in it if the cat has ate recently. Sho always left nasty hair and food ones... but after I switched to a food without corn his shedding nearly stopped. I also use a Zoom Groom It does wonders.
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try to find a food with higher omega fatty acid also listed as linoleic acid
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Try Petromalt for the hairballs.
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If its true hairballs, there will be little food in it and it will look kinda like a sausage. (ew lol). Lots of brushing will greatly help with the problem. The more hair on the brush, the less hair the cat licks!
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^ I had that for the first time yesterday (or was it the day before, I have been so confused since going back to work after Xmas!) and the sausage shaped thing on the floor was a real mystery - I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to cat vomit

Radar is on great quality food but still sheds quite a lot (he's a shorthair), could this be because of the central heating? I will get some hairball remedy anyway though.
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Its sausage type.. with food and some liquid
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