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Teeth cleaning?

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My bengal cat is probably needs teeth cleaning, the Vet's office quoted me around $500, is this a reasonable amount?, he's two years old now, thanks.
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$500 for an ultra sonic cleaning? I paid $80, and at a vet that usually overcharged. Try calling a couple of other vets in the area and see what their price quote is.
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Did the 80$ include the anasthesia? (is that the right word? My english still isn`t perfect...) I think I was quoted close to 200$...
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I was quoted $300 and thought THAT was outrageous!
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Yes it did actually. Straight $80 when I picked him up for the vet. I do live in a area that has lower cost of living (Oklahoma), so that will affect the cost some. $200 makes more sense if they check for possible reactions that may occur during anasthesia as well as a more populated area with higher cost of living.
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Odo's was $400 but that included the safest anesthetics for senior cats, pain medicine during and after the procedure, and two extractions--and his teeth were really dirty.
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I checked with other vets at $220 for just routine cleaning without any additional treatment, but I'm hesitant to change vet. This vet already knows my cat.
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Ask for a break down and see if they can explain what makes it cost more than twice the price.
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We charge $100.00 for the anesthesia and the cleaning. It also includes intubation, IV cath, fluids, hand scaling, ultrasonic scaling, polishing, rinsing, and oravet. Extractions and other procedures are extra.
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I just paid about $290 for Swanie, which included the IV and pre-procedure blood testing (which were optional), and also a bottle of mouth rinse and a dental pack. They gave me a break down of what the charges were before I made the appointment.
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Originally Posted by cloud_shade View Post
Ask for a break down and see if they can explain what makes it cost more than twice the price.
I second that ... My senior costs about 300 but that is due to all the precautions ,.... my "young senior dog " the quote was 150
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thanks for all the advice.
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I paid around $200 for Teddy's cleaning, which included the anesthesis, the pre-op bloodwork (he's a senior), medication afterwards, etc. He also has nasty teeth - so I felt lucky they didn't charge more for the amount of time it took!
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I must have very reasonable vet. He costs me $66.00 and if he has to pull a tooth it's a little more. I have an abby who has dental issues and I have the vet use ISO on him for anesthetic. He comes home at the end of the day without any adverse reactions to the anesthetic and missing a couple more teeth(poor guy).
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At our hospital a dental cleaning for a kitty is anywhere between $150-$200 depending on any extractions. This includes anesthesia, dental cleaning, iv catheter and supportive fluids. It however does not include any x-rays that need to be taken or any extractions. In our area we are one of the cheaper hospitals and seem to be the most affordable. At other hospitals it can run anywhere from $300-$500. I would just make sure that you understand everything that the price includes so there are not surprises when you go to pick your kitty up, and then have to suffer a mild heart attack at the price later!
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