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Sneezing kitty

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My 7 month old norwegian forest cat has been sneezing a lot. He, however, seems to be fine. His eyes and nose aren't runny and he eats. He has a sort of congested-sounding, gargly meow and purr, but i've heard that the species generally has a trill as a meow anyway. Should i be concerned? Also... while i'm here, if he's been scratching his neck a lot lately, what kind of flea products should i use (assuming he has them- i have yet to check). Thank you for you time!
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I would have him check out by the Vet and have him recommend the proper treatment/medication for your little one.
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I cant see the cat so it is hard to say. Usually sneezing alone does not indicate any infection. Vets usually wont treat just a sneeze. You would be looking for the third eye lids showing, green snot, and stuff in the eyes. Anything is possible with cats. For fleas I would use a proven product like Advantage. You can usually get it from a vet or online. I have found it the safest and most reliable.
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I agree with Sandie. Just thought I'd mention for the benefit of other people with sneezing cats that a bout of aggressive sneezing that seems to go on and on could indicate a foreign object in the nose and needs immidiate veterinary attention.

I think sneezing could also indicate allergies (dust allergies and the like), but I'm not sure about that one.

Welcome to the forums Fillote!
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Is the sneezing something new? My Joey is a sneezer. He seems to sneeze a lot when he gets overly excited. Other than that, he's ok.
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