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Tavia has new stuff.

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Well I went shopping today and I got Tavia a new litter box and litter liners. And I also got her a new water bowl new catnip toys and a new wand toy. She is now being a Miss Priss.
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He, he. I love buying Jaden toys and gifts. Oh, and new food. Even if she doesn't need it yet. Shopping for her is fun and rewarding!

I can't wait to move to our new house so I can buy her lots more things: bigger better litterbox (in it's own room no less), cat furniture, window shelves, and a bird feeder. Plus the advantage of larger territory, windows to look out of, actual SUNLIGHT to nap in (our current apt's windows face due north: no light at all!). She's going to be one spoiled kitty! That is, until we get her a new brother and sister to play with, then she'll just be one of the pack.
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I'll bet she loves all her new stuff Gail!
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Awww Tavia, enjoy all your new things!
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Lucky, spoiled kitty!

I usually pick up something for the cats when I go to food and other supplies for the fish.
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Well her and I spent about thirty minutes playing with her new wand and then we both fell asleep watching hgtv. And my dad got her some canned food yesterday which surprised me because her food isn't cheap. He got her the chicken instead of the turkey but she seemed to like it so she now has two foods that she likes. I can't wait till we move either I am going to try and fix her a cat shelf on the window in our new house when its done. And of course she will have better access to them anyway because they will have window sills.
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