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I am adopting a 3 yr old Traditional Siamese female. The animal rescue is telling me that her light biting of my fingers and hands are love bites: normal for Siamese.

I am a first time cat owner, so I am wondering if this is true???
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I moved your thread to our behavior forum where it will get the attention it needs.
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Rowdy, my tortoiseshell, nips all of the time. They are her way of getting the attention that she wants. She, even nips the dog, to get him to play with her.
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My Snowshoes nip all the time Especially Mimi, she does it so i'll pet her!
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Ivo would give love nibbles when I first took her in. While petting her, she'd gently nibble on my fingertip with the small teeth inbetween her canines. Occasionally, she'd gently take my finger between her back teeth. It was never hard, and she seemed to be in some sort of trance almost. She'd also drool a lot when giving love nibbles.
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Alf (moggie) is a nipper as well, especially if he is being petted. He also nips Ronnie, the other cat, when he is grooming her - she takes no notice of it. Just something some cats do, I suppose.
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