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New Addition! :-)

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Meet Maury!
His mom either abandoned her litter or was killed and he was the last one of his siblings up for adoption. So now I'm "Mom of Eight" lol
It's been a while since I've had a kitten. I could use a little expert advice on feeding him. All my cats are on Evolve dry and get Evolve canned chow twice a day. I do have a bag of dry Evolve kitten chow for Maury, but I can't leave it out because the big guys LOVE it, and he seems to prefer the dry adult chow!
Will he get the nutrition he needs if he eats adult chow only???
I am giving him all the canned Evolve he wants as it says on the lable.
I just know he needs more calories for all this energy!!! ;-)
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awwww, he's lovely, what a beautiful face
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Hehe. Cute kitty.
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Maury is adorable!

I'm not a nutrition expert by any means, but Maury does need kitten food. It has a lot more nutrients and stuff that helps growing kittens. Is there any way you can feed Maury separate from the other cats?

Hissy also mentioned this product from an advertiser on www.meowhoo.com, Hollow Stump It is a product specifically designed for a situation like yours, although I'm not sure how you would coax little Maury in there if he likes adult food better.
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Thank you Heidi! Not a bad idea. I can probably just make something out of cardboard here too.
I appreciate your reply!
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What a precious little face! He's adorable.
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Jenn, your Spike is a real cutie too!
Your last medical report was in May....how's he doing now???
Poor guy has had his share of vet visists hasn't he!
I hope he's better now. He looks like my Rocket....except Rocket's black and white, but pretty close!
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Hi MomOfSeven (MomOfEight) ,
Thank you for reminding me to update that page... I keep meaning to, but Spike had a rough month in June, and there's SO much to update, I keep putting it off. He had me worried sick for 2 months, (he had a lot of digestive problems), but thankfully, he's doing great now.

Thanks for checking out his site... I think he's a cutie too, but I somehow think I'm biased!
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