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Plastic Bag Trauma

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Last week our cat was playing in a plastic bag (unknown to us), and at some point got scared. He tore through the house, unable to get away from the bag until he dove under a chair. I had to pull him out. During the process he threw himself down the stairs, scratched my feet running over them, and ripped the bag to shreds. I know it was traumatizing for me, and certainly for him. He slept the rest of the day.

Since then, his condition has gotten worse. He sleeps all day and does not want to be touched by anyone. He seems scared and submissive. We took him to the vet thinking he might have injured himself, but he said everything checked out. He associated the lethargy to a small heart murmur and said he's probably just recovering.

His drastic behavior change occurred the moment this happened though, and I'm not sure how to help him recover. I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions or similar experiences. Thanks!
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Not sure if anyone else would agree, but I have used Bach's Rescue Remedy with quite a bit of success. It's great for my pets if they are scared or stressed (and me too!), it helps them to relax. I get it at GNC and it's about $11 a bottle.
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Yes, try the Bachs Remedy. I've heard good success with it.

Also, maybe isolate him to a room where he feels safe. Play soft music like classical or new age. Get him into a routine so that he knows when to expect you feed him, clean his litter box, etc. Have each member of the family go in and just sit with him, maybe read to him or quietly talk to him?
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Thanks very much. I will try all of the above, especially the Bach's...thanks again!
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This is why I hate plastic shopping bags. I always cut the handles off mine after I get home and empty them out. I have had cats dive into the bags headfirst and get their head caught on the plastic loop. Then they tear through the house, the noise and the way the air catches the bag just adds to the terror.

For cats that seem to get back to normal after this experience, this is what I do:

I take a plastic bag, cut off the handles and lay the bag flat on the floor. I anchor the bag with weights, so it won't move. In the middle of the bag, I place nice stinky, smelly treats. Then I walk away.

I do this for several days until the cat is just dancing across the plastic. She has slayed the dragon that scared her and her plasticphobia is now put to bed.

Good luck!
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