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Do you believe that dreams...

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mean anything? I have been having strang dreams lately.

Last night i dreamed that there was a tornado but lee and our friend stood outside and watched it come through while I was hiding in the kitchen. Then we were at someones house and there were alligators trying to get us. And we were biking on a trip. Really weird stuff.
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Lots of times yes I do believe they mean something...After my husband was killed in a boat accident, he came to me in a dream months later and I said why did you leave me, and he said Hel, I had to go, as simple as that, but that spoke volumes to me.
Also I had a dream once that my grandmother hit my car in the front of my parents house and within a week she was in a car accident and someone hit my car in a parking lot. There are many more, but I will not bore you, my friends and family always say please don't dream about me
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From what I have learned dreams are generally memory but could be fears or wish fulfillment. there are dream symbol sites where you could look up the items in your dream and see what they represent. IF you live in an area that has alligators and tornadoes, then most likely you are remembering what you saw or heard on the news, or you are fearful these things will happen.

What I remember about dreams is if you are a passenger in the car, and it is a scary ride, you feel you are out of control of your life at that time.
Another thing is if you dream you are losing your teeth, it represents your fear of growing old. There is a ton of that kind of thing, don't know about tornadoes and alligators.
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I also dreamed that I kissed Lee's best friend (a good friend of mine and my best friend's boyfirend) but I don't have feelings for him like that. I looked it up on dreammoods.com and it said that I have arespect for him and all of that. But he did ask me something very important that was on my mind a lot last night so that could be why.
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I have been having really weird dreams, too!

The other night, I had a dream that myself, Amy Porter (a famous flutist) and Barack Obama and my cat Raphael all went on a road trip together, only the scenery outside the car window was like out of a Dr. Suess book. I want someone to analyze THAT!
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I have dreams about tornadoes sometimes, and I read once that it symbolizes inner conflict in your life. Usually they are chasing me, can sense where I am and when I move, that kind of thing. But I had a dream once that my dad lassoed the tornado and lead it between our house and the neighbors and set it free. That was right before I moved away from home (as in, the other side of the world) and somehow that made me feel better about the move.

I definitely believe dreams mean something. I had a dream shortly after my dad died where he actually cleaned up the basement. The basement was HIS domain and was usually a disaster area. He kept asking me in the dream to "inspect" the basement. I didn't go down there until 3 weeks later, and found out the sewer had backed up and raw sewage was 4 inches deep! Plumbing bill of over $2000! If I had checked it out right after the dream I may have saved a lot of money!

I keep a dream diary...I think they are fascinating and give you a different perspective of what is going on in your mind.
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This is a bit horrible really, but I think it saved me...

I was working away from home for a while and staying in a cheap bed and breakfast. One night I had a really disturbing dream, the sky was filled with purple clouds and these ghostly demon things kept brushing past me. I was with my friends in the dream and they were shaking me and yelling at me to wake up, and saying that I had to be ready to fight. I woke up to a pitch dark room then as my eyes adjusted I realised that there was a man in my room, leaning over me and staring at me, he went to get on the bed but I started screaming at the top of my voice and grabbed the bedside lamp to defend myself, and he ran off and out of the building. The really scary part is that although I must have woken the entire place up with the screaming, no-one came to see if I was OK (which I was, just very very shaken, I still have trouble sleeping in a room by myself and this was years ago now)
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Nearly every night I have dreams about tornadoes, fires, plane crashes, and this hospital that I was born in (as of 1995 it was abandoned, and was torn down this fall):

I know why I have fire/tornado dreams.. because I'm terrified of them. Also on July 10 2005 I was at the city's air show and there was a plane crash and two pilots, Bobby Younkin and Jimmy Franklin, died. Sadly enough we caught the crash on tape, and to say the least, every time a plane flies overhead I get scared. It doesn't help that 15 Wing Moose Jaw is a few miles away from my house.
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